French league: Kovac and Volland – arrived in Monaco – football

French league: Kovac and Volland - arrived in Monaco - football

No, AS Monaco coach Niko Kovac doesn’t want to know anything about the championship, despite his team’s current streak of success. Although the Monegasque in the French League 1  The y have been unbeaten for over two months and are now fourth in the table, the season goal remains a European Cup place. “No, nothing changes, even if it’s a valid question”said the 49-year-old after the 2-0 win at champions Paris Saint Germain.

© The  former coach of the German record champions FC Bayern Munich sees his team at least on the “Right way, I am very satisfied and very happy with our current situation. But we are not yet at the level of Small and Lyonsaid Kovac, looking at the table.

Back to international business

Monaco is fourth with 52 points, only two points behind Paris, which is third. League leader remains Lille OSC (58), Olympique Lyon (55) follows in second place. “Our goal is to distance ourselves from fifth and sixth. © The re are still more than ten games, it’s too early to talk about anything.”said Kovac. © The  lead in fifth place is a whopping twelve points. Last year Monaco had missed international business in ninth place.

© The  victory at the defending champion came as a surprise despite the series. Only recently had Paris in the Champions League dominated FC Barcelona at 4-1. But it could PSG against Monaco. © The  tactically well-adjusted team from Kovac had especially superstar Kylian Mbappé under control.

Kovac has arrived in Monaco. In the summer he took over the team with his brother Robert. After a good start to the season there were the first defeats and at the beginning of December there were three bankruptcies in a row. But the earnings crisis has long since been overcome.

Volland accurate

Kevin Volland is jointly responsible for this. © The  former Leverkusen man quickly made himself indispensable in his first year. He has already scored twelve goals in 24 games. Kovac has therefore campaigned for a comeback of his protégé in the national team. “Kevin is the only typical German center forward. As was Miroslav Klose. He is a striker who can bring his body to the table and score and prepare many goals.”, he said Coach. © The  28-year-old attacker completed the last of his ten international matches in November 2016.

“Exactly what we needed in Monaco”

“With him you know what you get: quality. Every year he stands for more than 15 goals and a lot of assists. That is exactly what we needed in Monaco. Kevin is very important with his manner because he is not only scoring goals, but working and moving forward in training and games “explained Kovac. In the Bundesliga, Volland scored a total of 86 goals for Hoffenheim and Leverkusen before signing in Monaco that summer.

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French league Kovac Volland arrived Monaco football


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