Fritz Box 7590 & 7490: New laboratory with many improvements


Owners of a Fritz Box 7590 or 7490 can install a new laboratory.  The  update is worthwhile because it brings many bug fixes.

AVM has released new laboratory software for the Fritz Box 7590 and Fritz Box 7490. For the 7590 the version number is 07.24-86172 and for the 7490 it is 07.24-86171. According to the release notes, the new lab brings numerous bug fixes, but no new functions.


  • Fixed – Phone numbers of the provider 1 & 1 can no longer register after editing via “Other provider”

  • Fixed – No registration due to missing 2nd PDN when creating phone numbers for “Vodafone at home” (only 6850)

  • Fixed – When synchronizing entries in online phone books (CardDAV), all e-mail addresses were deleted in certain constellations

  • Fixed – No voice transmission via SipGate Satellite and SipGate Browser

  • Fixed – No registration of phone numbers with telephony profile for provider Vodafone Italia

  • Fixed – Editing of door intercoms sometimes led to the loss of the e-mail notification for door intercoms

  • Fixed – After importing answering machine settings including saved messages into another Fritz Box model, some of the imported messages could no longer be played

  • Fixed – Call number for incoming calls is not updated when editing IP telephones


  • Fixed – IP address of the PDN gateway is no longer displayed (only 6890)

  • Fixed – When creating a port release, an incorrect reference to an already allocated port was displayed

  • Fixed – Guest devices could be selected for prioritization although prioritization for these devices is not supported

  • Fixed – For Fritz NAS Internet shares, the IPv6 address was displayed instead of the IPv4 address on DualStack connections (IPv4 & IPv6) if no DynDNS service was configured

  • Fixed – © The  prioritization of devices did not work for devices with a fixed IP address or bypassing the Fritz Box’s DHCP server

  • Fixed – © The  input field for manually setting the MTU was too small


  • Improvement – increased stability

  • Fixed – DSL information is deactivated in operating mode “Internet access via existing Internet connection via WLAN”


  • Improvement – Error message when switching back to release now points directly to an incorrect password for the backup file

  • Change – © The  last user logged on to the user interface from the home network is now saved in the browser and preselected the next time they log on



You can download the new laboratory here. As always with laboratory software (i.e. a test version of Fritz OS), the following applies: AVM does not provide any guarantee or support. Laboratory versions are intended for users who are keen to experiment, who know what they are doing and want to be the first to try out new functions that will later be incorporated into the final versions of the Fritz OS firmware.

Import Fritz OS laboratory versions onto Fritzbox

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Fritz Box laboratory improvements


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