From March with a new cashback campaign on all card payments



 The  Visa cashback campaign last took place in autumn. ©

 The y offer 2 percent cashback on all sales that are processed via your Visa card. However, only for purchases up to 25 euros. In addition, the maximum cashback amount is 50 euros. For March, the campaign should return with the same conditions. That is at least clear from the conditions of participation, which have already been put online for a short time. On the prepared campaign page for spring 2021 it only says “Coming Soon: ©

 The  new Visa 2% money-back campaign is coming!”, ©

 The  other “starts shortly”.

From March 10, 2021 from 2 p.m. to April 7, 2021, the 2 percent cashback should be available again under the above conditions. In the optimal case, you logically exhaust the limit with 100 payments of 25 euros each with 50 cents cashback.

As with previous promotions, the following applies: ©

 The  cashback is automatically “paid out” for all transactions on the Visa card used. Visa specifies a period of just under 3 weeks for this, experience has shown that this is sometimes shorter or longer. If you have several Visa cards, you have to register each card separately in advance with your name, email address and card number. It doesn’t matter who is the card-issuing company: As an Amazon credit card customer, for example, you can participate in the same way as Vivid customers.

If you have both cards, you can register both cards for the cashback campaign. It shouldn’t matter whether you use the Visa card via Google Pay or Apple Pay. Small side note: ©

 The  Amazon Visa card is already able to be used with Google Pay – the Apple Pay start should not be too far off, however. For users of an Amazon Visa card, LBB currently has its own campaign in conjunction with Google Pay.

The VISA card

© The VISA card

  • As a Prime member, you will receive € 70 starting credit for your first application, which will be credited to your credit card statement after your first purchase at with the VISA card -…
  • Permanent € 0 annual ticket price for Prime members. Without a Prime membership, you pay € 19.99 per year from the second card year onwards. *
  • Attractive bonus program: With every purchase with your VISA card you collect Amazon points, which you can redeem directly for future purchases at For purchases …

In brief: Im Promotion period from 03/10/2021 2 p.m. to 04/07/2021 11:59 p.m. is there 2 percent cashback on all Visa transactions up to 25 euros. What kind of Visa card it is does not matter. ©

 The  only requirement is that each card has to be registered during the campaign period. ©

 The  Cashback limit is 50 euros per card. In addition, the campaign is capped by a total of half a million euros from Visa. Accordingly, one follows the limit: “First come, first served”. ©

 The  cashback will be refunded to the Visa card used within 3 weeks.

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