Fuel cells: 1,500 hydrogen heavy-duty trucks are to come to New Zealand


 The  US company Hyzon plans to deliver 1,500 heavy-duty trucks to New Zealand in 2026. Hyzon has teamed up with the New Zealand hydrogen specialist Hiringa to ensure that they have an adequate network of filling stations. © www.de24.news

 The  company plans to expand its network of hydrogen filling stations and accept the vehicles this year.

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 The  trucks are to be built in Winschoten, the Netherlands. © www.de24.news

 The  first vehicles are to be delivered to New Zealand this year, according to a Hyzon announcement.

Hiringa plans to install seven hydrogen filling stations on New Zealand’s North Island and one on the South Island this year, covering 100 percent of heavy goods routes in the north and 82 percent of those in the south. By 2025, five are to follow on the south and eleven on the north island. By 2030 there should be a hundred hydrogen filling stations in New Zealand.

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 The  filling stations are to be built in industrial areas, at trade and logistics centers, ports and airports, as close as possible to locations where renewable energy or hydrogen is generated. This should namely be produced “green”, i.e. sustainably; either centrally or later decentrally.

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 The  trucks should be able to transport 58 tons and have a range of 400 to 600 km. Hyzon emphasizes that fuel cell trucks can be refueled just as quickly as their diesel counterparts. According to its own information, the company built and delivered 500 fuel trucks in 2019 and last year.


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