Funny video for the Covid vaccination


 The  off-screen director is anything but enthusiastic about the performance. Finally, Elton John confidently points out: “You will not find anyone greater than me.” Actor Michael Caine can be seen next: “Hello, my name is Michael Caine. I just got a Covid vaccination and it didn’t hurt. Not many people know that,” he says relaxed into the camera. ©

 The  director is thrilled: “Fantastic!” he shouts – and: “Let the other guy know that he won’t get the job.”

Previously, stars such as soccer coach Harry Redknapp (73), singer Tom Jones (80, “It’s Not Unusual”) and actress Judi Dench (86, “James Bond 007 – Skyfall”) advertised the vaccination. Elton John, in a note from the NHS, says he wanted to do the movie to help people understand that vaccination helps protect yourself and the people you love: “©

 The  more people vaccinated in society, the bigger is the chance to eradicate the national Covid pandemic. ” Both John and Caine have already had their vaccinations.

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Funny video Covid vaccination


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