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Schmeide still wears other jewelry around her neck
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It is a special honor: the German actress Gabriela Maria Schmeide (“Systemsprenger”) is the new wearer of the Tilla Durieux jewelry, which is awarded every ten years. She was chosen by her predecessor Judith Hofmann, as the Academy of Arts announced on Tuesday in Berlin. © The  necklace with 34 zircons set in platinum was donated by the legendary Viennese actress Tilla Durieux (1880-1971).

Durieux awarded the jewelry for the first time on her 65th stage anniversary in 1967. She decreed that the wearer should pass it on to an “outstanding representative of German acting” every ten years. To date, Maria Wimmer, Gisela Stein, Kirsten Dene, Annette Paulmann and most recently Judith Hofmann have been honored. She said to her successor Schmeide: “©

 The  path between her and the character she embodies is unobstructed. Quite simply: I believe everything!” She will present the necklace at a public honor next season.

Schmeide (55) has had a long career in the theater, including at the Berliner Ensemble and ©

 The ater Bremen. She has been a member of the Hamburg Thalia ©

 The ater ensemble since 2008. She was awarded the Grimme Prize for the title role in Andreas Dresen’s film “Die Polizistin”. Her other productions also include Michael Haneke’s “©

 The  White Ribbon”.

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Gabriela Maria Schmeide receives Tilla Durieux jewelry culture


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