Galax Geforce RTX 3090 HOF: Pre-order prices for the well-off


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 The  Galax Geforce RTX 3090 HOF is now listed for pre-order at the first dealers. ©

 The  premium product turns out to be, as expected, expensive. In view of the general situation, the prices are probably only of interest to people who do not immediately miss 2,000 to 3,000 euros.


 The  Galax Geforce RTX 3090 HOF is a premium product and, as expected, a high price is expected. After the first retailers listed the card for pre-order, it only seems to be recommended for the well-off. You have to invest at least 2,700 US dollars – without the usual VAT. At the current rate, that’s around 2,200 euros. In addition, there would be 19 percent VAT in Germany, which would drive the price to around 2,600 euros. As a reminder: the Geforce RTX 3090 as Founders Edition has a recommended retail price of 1,549 euros. It was raised slightly at the beginning of the year – Nvidia referred to taxes.

After all, with the Galax Geforce RTX 3090 HOF you get a limited card, the number of which should remain manageable. And the distribution is evidently carried out in the same way as for a rare piece of art. In Malaysia it was confirmed that only one card can be used by the eleven participating shops. It is unclear what sales will look like elsewhere. ©

 The  procedure may differ depending on the distributor. Prices currently fluctuate between $ 2,672 and $ 3,367, depending on the model and retailer; around 78 to 124 percent above the RRP of the standard card. A few days ago, cards appeared in Australia from 3,900 Australian dollars, the equivalent of around 2,500 euros. Here you have to take into account that such products are generally very expensive in Australia.

Geforce RTX 3090: Details about the HOF series with display, release is getting closerSince Galax is very sparse with information, it cannot be said at the moment whether it is worth the wait. In view of the current market situation, however, it is not to be expected that the cards will be with the dealers and that the price will decrease. ©

 The  manufacturer is known to be planning a whole series of different versions of the card for different regions and according to all global models have now been listed in the Australian store, namely HOF, HOF Premium, and HOF Limited Edition. Only the latter two variants will have the massive 4.3-inch color display.

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 The  article comes from PC Games Hardware 12/2020.
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