Garden gnomes wanted: Kittenberg adventure gardens start casting


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 The  first signs are still tentative, but slowly but surely spring will soon be coming. ©

 The  new gardening season also begins in spring in the Kittenberg show gardens.

Preparations are in progress

But the garden creations will be fine-tuned until the opening on March 13th. So change is pending in the garden gnome maze, as the little residents are now retiring after many years.


 The  search for new garden gnomes became a challenge for operator Reinhard Kittenberger, because “the market for garden gnomes is no longer what it used to be.” That is why the help of private individuals is now required.

Dwarf casting

As part of the Kittenberg dwarf casting, dusty garden gnomes from garden huts should find their way into the maze. At least 12 inches tall Plastic and the new residents should be in good condition.

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Garden gnomes wanted Kittenberg adventure gardens start casting


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