Gay “Among Us” Role: Is Timothy Boldt Having a Hard Time?


How does Timothy Boldt (30) feel about his homosexual role among us? Although the actor initially had numerous love affairs with female Schillerallee residents when he started the series as Ringo, the character is now happily married to Easy (Lars Steinhöfel, 35).  The  same-sex couple even have a foster son whom they would like to adopt. While Lars is gay in real life, too Timothy privately on women. How big was the challenge of slipping into the role of a homosexual?

“In the beginning it was a huge challenge for me. That is because I had no points of contact with it – so far privately in my life, before my role came about, which only made this turn after two years”, describes the native of Hamburg in the audio talk “‘Between us‘- ©

 The  Official Podcast “ his serial colleague Patrick Müller (32). His biggest fear was that people who are really homosexual would not buy the role from him. “You can tell right away that they say, oh, here’s a straight guy who makes people gay,” he recalls. Fortunately, that didn’t happen and the 30-year-old now feels really comfortable with the scenes.

Tim can only say positive things about the collaboration with his “Unter uns” husband. “It is now with Lars like with a woman, “he says. ©

 The  first shooting partner for a homosexual love affair, however, was GZSZ star Eric Stehfest (31), who, like himself, is heterosexual. “At that time it was also the first role in this direction for him. We thought about it and told each other how we felt about it.”, remembers the Cologne resident.

Easy (Lars Steinhöfel) and Ringo (Timothy Boldt)

 The  “Unter uns” stars Patrick Müller and Timothy Boldt

Timothy Boldt and Eric stand up in an “Below Us” scene

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Gay Among Role Timothy Boldt Hard Time


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