Geissens: When Carmen sees Roberts surprise, a nightmare comes true


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 The  Geissens” are back in Monaco in the current episode of their RTLZWEI docusoap (Mondays, 8:15 pm). Her new apartment is still a construction site: rubble is everywhere, the craftsmen pry open windows and heave heavy steel girders inside.

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     The  Geissens”: Davina and Shania fight over their rooms

  • Robert Geiss surprises Carmen with a repainted car
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     The  Geissens” (RTLZWEI): Carmen is terrified of the dentist

But the Geissens daughters Davina (17) and Shania (16) are excited: For the first time, they can decide for themselves how their rooms should look. Shania: “I’ll create my dream room.” And her older sister Davina is already full of energy.


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 The  dispute over room escalates between Davina and Shania

Basically, the two have already agreed who should get which room: Shania moves to the ground floor, while Davina gets her kingdom on the first floor. But when Carmen looks at the plans again with the interior designer, Shania is suddenly no longer so happy: “Why does she get a bathtub and I don’t?”, She asks in a reproachful tone.

Davina teases: “I have a bathtub and you don’t, I’m the firstborn too.” Shania complains to her mother: “Davina is never here anyway, why does she need a bathtub?”


 The  fact that Shania has a much larger dressing room than her sister doesn’t make for a better mood either. ©

 The  sisters shout at each other loudly until Carmen intervenes: “Stooooop!”, She calls and puts an end to the sisters’ argument. As a mother of teenage girls one is really to be pitied. “To everyone out there: We don’t feel better with it either!” She says and grins.


 The  Geissens”: Robert has a special surprise for Carmen

Another “surprise” confirms that the Geiss family’s ideas about style diverge widely. Robert had Carmen’s Bentley repainted. She only has one wish: “©

 The  main thing is not black!”

A bright pink or a noble green would be great, but no black please. “We already have a whole fleet of black cars,” says Carmen. But that is precisely the convincing argument for Robert to repaint the Bentley too: in black, matt black. “Now it finally fits in with the rest,” Robert fled.

When he presents the result to Carmen, he is no longer so sure of his case: “It only looks black at first glance,” he says, “depending on the light, it turns green or purple or red.” Carmen lets herself only briefly mislead her husband – she can’t change the unwanted color anyway.

“It’s a great car,” she finally has to admit, “it looks very classy, ​​brutal and fat, no question about it.” Point for the “Just do it!” – Robert.


 The  Geissens” (RTLZWEI): Carmen’s panic in front of the dentist


 The re is one other thing that Carmen cannot simply gloss over. She has a dentist appointment. During a dental operation, she is supposed to get two implants.

However, Shania and Davina have absolutely no desire to hold their mother’s hand. “It’s not my fault that mom has a dental operation,” Shania pulls out of the affair. Carmen is disappointed: “I always have to hold hands with everyone, but alas, I need help!”

In the end Robert comes with me. Because it has to be a German dentist, the Geissens go to neighboring Italy. Carmen’s knees are shaking: “I’m really so panicked, especially about the injections,” she groans. Robert is not much help, on the contrary: Instead of distracting his wife, he explains to her what can possibly go wrong: “©

 The y drill your gums, that’s pretty hard.”


 The  Geissens”: Robert sees something positive in Carmen’s visit to the dentist

But Carmen survives the procedure without complications. “Wow, that is really so uncomfortable,” is her conclusion when she is finished. Carmen cools her swollen cheek with an ice pack.

She can still not hope for Robert’s assistance. He’s busy getting his car’s interior to a shine and is thievingly happy about the cleaning wipes he got from the dentist. “That way, the building dust goes away really well!” He beams. Carmen is annoyed: “Do you think that interests me now, Robert? I have completely different problems right now! ”

After all, it’s off to your favorite Italian: instead of lobster, the dentist-damaged Carmen unfortunately only has vegetable soup and instead of red wine a glass of water with painkillers – I’ll get it! (ch)

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Geissens Carmen sees Roberts surprise nightmare true


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