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Quierschied – What a terrible incident at a pond in Saarland: After a mixed breed sheepdog attacked a Yorkshire Terrier, the little dog fled in a panic into a pond.  The  owner’s grandmother (10) jumped after to save the terrier – but the four-legged friend died shortly afterwards in the arms of the granddaughter.


 The  grandmother had to be treated with a slight hypothermia. Now the Kripo is looking for the owner of the vicious animal.


 The  ten year old was out and about with her sister, grandma and the Yorkshire Terrier (2) on Sunday around 11.30 am at the “Netzbachweiher” in Fischbach. In the vicinity of the “Seeblick” inn you meet a sturdy man (around 50) with longer hair and a beard, who also kept his mixed sheepdog on a leash.

First the animals sniffed each other, then the man’s dog tore itself away and bit the little dog. ©

 The  grandmother and the ten year old managed to separate the animals. ©

 The n the bleeding terrier jumped into the pond in a panic. He no longer responded to the calls of his people, so Grandma jumped after them.

After a bite attack Shepherd Cliff has to go to the shelter

Teaser picture

Source: BILD / Thomas Müller


While the man ran away cowardly, other walkers helped the lady and the dog out of the water. Bad: On the way to the veterinary clinic, the terrier died in the arms of the ten-year-old.

According to the vet, this is a result of hypothermia and the massive stress on the cardiovascular system caused by the bite attack. Notes on the lousy dog ​​owner who didn’t help little girls, a grandmother and a young dog: 06897-9330.

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German shepherd bites terrier dog dies arms ten year Regional


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