Germany benefits from the USA and China – the rude awakening is yet to come


 The  economic mood in Germany is better than the domestic situation. ©

 The  current ifo business climate index is approaching the pre-crisis level with a value of 92.4 points. ©

 The  reason: While the federal government is dancing the lockdown tango – two forward, one backward – important trading partners, the United States and the People’s Republic of China, are in an economically robust state. ©

 The  upswing in both economic areas is the best upswing money can buy.


 The  new President of the United States plans to bring a $ 1.9 trillion program through the House of Representatives this week. If the Senate also approves in the coming week, which is to be expected, retail, construction and the service sector should benefit noticeably.


 The  package contains further direct financial aid for private households, which the individual consumer-loving American should spend immediately, online if necessary.

Donald Trump had previously fired the big money cannon, which is why household incomes rose by six percent last year – despite an increase in the unemployment rate to 15 percent. Many Americans received a check for US $ 600. Even before Joe Biden took office, the House of Representatives had the pandemic cost 4.9 trillion US dollars.

USA: economic growth of 3.08 percent

Via the US Federal Reserve, the president sits more or less directly at the money press. ©

 The  measures seem to be working: Statista expects economic growth of 3.08 percent for the United States in 2021.

In China, the government is running a tight anti-corona regiment, which helped to almost defeat the pandemic within a short period of time. According to official figures, the daily new infections since March 9, 2020, with a few exceptions, averaged between 20 and 40. So far, the People’s Republic has had 4833 deaths – with just under 1.4 billion inhabitants. ©

 The  amount that the Chinese state has so far spent in support of the economy is also comparatively low: the aid amounts to only 139.2 billion US dollars.


 The  strictly prevented infection process ensures a flourishing economy: in 2020 the Chinese economy grew by 1.85 percent, for 2021 Statista is forecasting economic growth of 8.24 percent.

China is Germany’s most important trading partner

This also benefits the German economy: According to the Federal Statistical Office, China was Germany’s most important trading partner for the fifth time in a row in 2020. Compared to 2019, foreign trade with the People’s Republic rose by three percent – despite Corona.

Europe, to which around 60 percent of our industrial products are exported, is doing more than respectable thanks to the extensive EU loan programs. According to the International Monetary Fund, the growth figures for Italy, Spain and France are forecast to be over five percent for 2021.


 The  EU reconstruction fund is Europe’s largest stimulus package

A total of 818.16 billion US dollars will flow from the European aid programs to stabilize demand. At $ 2.06 trillion, the EU Recovery Fund is the largest credit-financed stimulus package in European history.

Conclusion: ©

 The  Ifo Business Climate Index reflects the mood of an economy that is under the influence of psychedelic substances. Credit is injected even with slight withdrawal symptoms. ©

 The  hangover comes, but possibly much later.

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Germany benefits USA China rude awakening


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