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Marlene Lufen’s talk on Monday evening was not particularly well received. Foto: imago images/Future Image

After the moderator Marlene Lufen caused a sensation with an emotional video on the lockdown, her special program “Germany in Lockdown” was not exactly successful.

A 14-minute Instagram video by presenter Marlene Lufen (50), published at the end of January, recently made waves. She asked whether the corona lockdown might have worse consequences than the pandemic itself. On February 9th, Sat.1 showed the short-term special program “Marlene Lufen: Germany in Lockdown” at prime time at 8:15 pm “. However, the talk was not well received.

Better “Die Geissens” than Corona Talk

It started with the quotas. According to the media magazine “DWDL”, the special broadcast had just 790,000 viewers. That corresponds to a market share of 2.4 percent in the total audience. With viewers between 14 and 49 years of age, the station only had 470,000 viewers and a market share of at least 5.3 percent, according to the report.

 The re was also criticism of Lichten’s format on social media. So some did not like the choice of guests.


 The  pediatrician Dr. Karella Easwaran, star chef Tim Raue (46, “Recipes from the Brasserie”), Charis Krüger, who suffers from depression, and the district student representative, Alexander Löher. A Twitter user sums it up like this: “How undifferentiated this program was. Why did no one come from the health service? Someone who was sick with Covid or has lost relatives? Someone who classifies the statements, questions?” ©

 The  whole thing was “collective whining instead of solidarity”.

On other user wrotethat he “doesn’t quite understand the concept of the show”. Lufen sit “there with 4 people who all agree with you”. ©

 The  user asks: “What is this supposed to bring? What is the added value?”

“I’m not against the lockdown, but …”

In particular, it was the approach to the topic and the lack of solutions that caused criticism. “At MarleneLufen there is agreement that ‘we need alternatives / perspectives & do this here'”, writes a Twitter user and goes on to say: “What has not been brought out so far are alternatives / perspectives and that says everything about the added value of the show.” It also sums up: “‘I’m not against the lockdown, but …’ would have been the better title of the show”.

Others see it that way too. “Ok well, you have me. Exit the lockdown, open everything, [wenn] who dies, yes my god, is just like that “, explains another user. “©

 The  main thing is that little Timmi” can then “go out again with his friends”. Another writes: “Primetime Self-Pity Group”.

Meanwhile, other users are worried that the program could address conspiracy theorists and corona deniers, among other things. “Of course the lateral thinkers and conspiracy theorists are happy”, notes one user. “Seldom has a program made me so angry. Nice confirmation for all the lateral thinkers”, it says elsewhere.

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Germany lockdown viewers angry MarleneLufenTalk Panorama


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