Germany: New concept for events with an audience


In Germany, a broad-based initiative from culture and sport has presented a comprehensive concept that could enable spectators to participate in events.  The  concept was developed with the participation of experts from the fields of infectious diseases and virology, ventilation technology, health economics, sports medicine and culture as well as law.

Carsten Brosda, President of the Deutsches Bühnenverein, justified the creation of the guideline as follows: “©

 The  virus will challenge us as a society for even longer, so it is important that we show ways parallel to infection control and vaccination, such as theater and orchestra on a clearer basis Hygiene concepts and technical precautions can be reopened in a controlled manner as soon as the infection process allows. This enables the artistic impulses that we urgently need right now. ”


 The  basic concept for events in closed rooms provides for a total occupancy of a maximum of 25-30 percent in order to comply with the general distance rules. In addition, there is the creation of a hygiene and infection protection concept, personal tickets for contact management, a permanent mask requirement, a ban on serving alcoholic beverages at events with more than 1,000 visitors and a dedicated concept for the arrival and departure of spectators and guests.

For outdoor events, the concept assumes a possible occupancy of 35 to 40 percent. Certain seating schemes are provided for both indoor and outdoor use, which ensure compliance with the minimum distances.

In the case of indoor venues with large rooms and modern ventilation technology – beyond the basic concept – a higher number of spectators (up to full capacity) is feasible. Prerequisites would be, for example, an antigen test at the event location and digital portals to support contact management.

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Germany concept events audience


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