Germany: World premiere for the new electric flagship from Audi – Auto und Verkehr


 The  target group are middle-aged men with high incomes who own more than just one car. ©

 The  e-tron GT is available from 100,000 euros, the RS from 138,000 euros. Sales start in May.


 The  first electric Audi, the SUV e-tron, is still based on the architecture of the conventional Q7. It was sold more than 47,000 times last year. Audi will launch the fully electric Q4 e-tron in the middle of the year. “That will be a volume driver,” said Wortmann.

After the e-tron from Brussels, the e-tron GT is the first electric Audi to be built in Germany: at the Böllinger Höfe sports car plant in Heilbronn, on a line with the R8. ©

 The  R8 emits a good 300 grams of CO2 over 100 kilometers. “We do not believe that they cannibalize,” said Audi spokesman Christian Hartmann. ©

 The  target groups are different, the e-tron GT is more suitable for everyday use than a four-seater with a large interior and 405 liters trunk.

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Germany World premiere electric flagship Audi Auto und Verkehr


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