Gesture of the year – 11FREUNDE

Gesture of the year - 11FREUNDE

In an unforeseen way, Eintracht Frankfurt and FC Bayern Munich competed against each other twice on Saturday.  The  first time, as agreed, for the Bundesliga game that Eintracht won 2-1 after a great performance. Amin Younes scored the second goal with a dream goal, then he ran to the sideline and held up a shirt with the name and likeness of Fatih Saraçoğlu on it. © The  34-year-old had been shot by a racist on the street in Hanau exactly one year earlier – just 25 kilometers from the Waldstadion. He was one of eight young men and one young woman who were killed at the time. ©

 The ir names were Gökhan Gültekin, Sedat Gürbüz, Said Nesar Hashemi, Mercedes Kierpacz, Hamza Kurtović, Vili-Viorel Păun, Ferhat Unvar, Kaloyan Velkov, and Eintracht Frankfurt had joined the saytheirnames campaign. When warming up before the game, the Eintracht professionals wore their names and faces on their jerseys so that the names of those who were murdered would not be forgotten.

It doesn’t bring the victims back. But the family members should know that we are thinking of them. ”

Amin Younes

That fit into a now almost 30 year long Frankfurt tradition of credible anti-racism, the 1992 with the legendary fan campaign United Colors of Bembeltown ”began. With Peter Fischer as President of Eintracht, the club also embodies this convincingly. But the action got real greatness from the fact that at the moment of his sporting triumph it was important to Younes to think of those for whom this day is a day of mourning. It doesn’t bring the victims back. But we want family members to know we’re thinking of them, ”said Younes. © The se sentences by the little dribbler spoke compassion and humanity.

It was hard not to think about it when a few hours later Karl-Heinz Rummenigge was a guest at the current sports studio. When asked politely but emphatically by the well-prepared moderator Jochen Breyer, the CEO of FC Bayern revealed himself to be remarkably less empathetic and also sometimes intellectually frightening. Despite the comparatively good situation of professional football, he struck a continuous tone of lament. When asked why football teams have to dash through Europe in the middle of the pandemic to be able to play against teams from high-risk regions, Rummenigge hid behind Uefa. That he was referring to the human rights violations of Bavaria’s business partner Qatar another culture in Qatar “wanted to put into perspective, Breyer rightly countered: Human rights violations are not a culture. ”©

 The y are universal, apply to everyone.

Eintracht Frankfurt is moral

On the right question from Breyer Why is the great FC Bayern not doing more morals? ”, Rummenigge couldn’t think of anything other than an attempted change of subject. And so it felt like Bayern and Eintracht faced each other again. ©

 The  fact that after his goal, Amin Younes wanted to remember the victims of the racist murder, corresponded on the one hand to his inner need. But he also did it in an environment where he was not only allowed to do it, but where it was even wanted. Eintracht Frankfurt is morality. After all, there are enough people who oppose it because they believe that politics has no place in the stadium. Although it’s not about politics, but about humanity.

Bayern’s defeat on this field was worse than the one on the pitch. Because the times when professional clubs are only there to create football victories in a bubble are coming to an end. Postures are now desirable – and gestures. And there meanwhile even the major media Gesture of the Year ”, the next winner can actually only be Amin Younes.

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