Giovanni Zarrella: This is how I defeated the devil of alcohol


Today we know Giovanni Zarella (42) as a successful singer who even gets his own Saturday evening show in the fall. But the musician was not always spoiled by fate. A few years ago, a career downturn plunged him into a bottomless pit. A nightmare that the entertainer would never want to experience again. “My buddies and I drank, often until seven in the morning, for days.  The n I went to bed fully, slept until the early evening just so I could go straight away. Party again, alcohol again “he remembers. What a harrowing confession!

At that time, the German-Italian wanted to forget above all the separation from “Bro’Sis” in 2006. ©

 The  band was the fulfillment of his dream: from pizza baker to artist who can live from his music. After the end, he couldn’t cope with the fact that suddenly he wasn’t asked anymore. He felt like a failure. Because of the drunkenness, his relationship with model Jana Ina (44) was about to end. One night the situation escalated: “I hit the fire alarm in the hotel, cut three fingers, even though I was performing the next day and was supposed to get to know Jana Ina’s parents. Mega embarrassing! Finally, she gave me a choice. Either I change or it’s over! “ Giovanni finally decided to seek help and received treatment. He wanted to save his family and his life.


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Giovanni & Jana Ina Zarrella in baby happiness!

Giovanni Zarrella: tragic death!

With success! ©

 The  pop star found back on the road to success. Giovanni Zarrella therefore sees his own TV show as a great gift today. A stroke of luck that he would never have achieved without his wife. But one thing remained from the difficult time of crisis, said Giovanni Zarrella: To this day, the singer is afraid that after a high-altitude flight it could all be over.


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Giovanni Zarrella defeated devil alcohol


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