GNTM: Candidate Alex reveals her story


Updated February 18, 2021 at 11:19 pm

  • GNTM candidate Alex was born as a boy.
  • In season 16, she is the only transgender candidate.
  • Her motto: She wants to prove to herself and to others that the past shouldn’t stop you.

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Diversity is the motto at Heidi Klum – the model cast has rarely been as different as in the pandemic year 2021. One of the GNTM candidates is 23-year-old Alex from Cologne.

Alex was born a boy and is the only transgender model this season. “A person who feels that they belong to their gender cannot understand what it is like not to identify themselves in their born gender,” said Alex in the third episode of GNTM. “I had a biologically male body that I was born with, but even as a child I thought I was a girl.”

After hesitating to share her story with her competitors, the 23-year-old finally felt a need. “You don’t wake up in the morning and realize: I don’t feel like my gender,” she told the candidates.

Fear of exclusion

For a long time she suppressed her feeling. “ The  stereotypical image of transgender people is that they experience a lot of marginalization, both in their professional and private lives. Familiar. In all areas,” she continued. Although she knew that her environment was not like that, she still held back the fear that she might experience rejection.

At first she had the feeling that something was wrong with her. “And that is a problem in itself that I can only combat by standing by who I am.” She came out a good two years ago – what followed were tough months. “For three or four months I couldn’t say ‘I’m transgender’ without breaking into tears,” she said.

GNTM-Alex: “My outing was the best that could have happened to me”

She then decided to take part in GNTM in order to show “that it doesn’t always have to be this painful path. For me, my outing was the best thing that could have happened to me.”

A strong sign from the young woman, which her competitors honored with words of praise and tears of emotion. “I’ve never met such a strong personality in my life,” concluded Nana.

GNTM candidate Alex: Jennifer Lawrence doppelganger

Two years ago, when Alex had just started her gender reassignment process, RTL had accompanied the budding model to Christopher Street Day in Cologne. At the time, she said that she had always been different from other boys, preferred to put on hot pants and croptops rather than wide pants, and that shortly after graduating from high school she noticed that she felt much more comfortable in women’s clothes overall. That was also the time when she went outside wearing a dress for the first time: “I just did it, I felt it and I put it on!”

At some point it was clear to her that she not only wanted to wear women’s clothes, but also wanted to be a woman. Her social environment reacted well, and her parents were also very understanding. Nevertheless, the conversation cost her to overcome – her mother comes from South Korea, her father from South Africa, both are conservative. “It was a relief when it was out,” said Alex to RTL two years ago.

Now she is in the running for victory at GNTM and the fans are already celebrating the 23-year-old as the lookalike of US actress Jennifer Lawrence – and have already commented on it under her first official Instagram photo.

And Alex has received only positive criticism from Heidi Klum so far. If the topic of diversity continues to be so important in the Klumiverse, Alex should come a long way. In any case, photographer Rankin saw her in episode 2 in the final.

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GNTM Candidate Alex reveals story


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