GNTM (ProSieben): Ex-candidate Theresia Fischer reveals details about the shoot


Ex-GNTM candidate  The resia Fischer unpacks

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In an interview, ex-GNTM candidate ©

 The resia Fischer reveals how it works behind the scenes at GNTM and how model mom Heidi Klum exploits the homesickness of the candidates.

Berlin – With “Germany’s Next Top Model” GNTM, the candidates hardly have any contact with home so that they can concentrate fully on the competition. This naturally creates a lot of homesickness. In order to give the girls some motivation, GNTM boss Heidi Klum allows the candidates to telephone for ten minutes once a week. It will but exactly the time stopped by the producers so that it won’t be anymore. Private cell phone use is strictly prohibited at GNTM and the candidates are not even allowed to bring their own cell phones (read here: GNTM (ProSieben): ©

 The se are the candidates for the new 2021 season with Heidi Klum).


 The  cameras are always on standby

If the candidates want to discuss a private matter with their partner or family, they can, but the cameras stay on during this call. ©

 The  candidates have to accept an audience of millions. For ex-GNTM candidate ©

 The resia Fischer (29), who took 11th place in the 14th season, the homesickness for her current husband was particularly great, because the two had never had so little contact (read here: GNTM: All 15 An overview of the winners of Heidi Klum’s casting show).

You want to show feelings and you show them, but you are still inhibited by the many producers and cameras.


 The resia Fischer at Promiflash


 The  greater the homesickness, the more beautiful the tears


 The  little contact at home leads to great homesickness and the more advanced the program, the more homesick the candidates become. ©

 The re are no telephone exceptions, because special Being homesick means particularly beautiful moments for the camera. ©

 The  more tears in the show, the better.

In order for the cameras to be switched off for a phone call, something big must have happened, for example a death in the family, because that’s too private, which is why the producers turn off the cameras for 10 minutes.

Lots of leeway does not exist on the GNTM set. Whether the girls are homesick in this year’s season is just as great, although they stay in Germany, can be seen every Thursday at 8:15 pm on the TV channel ProSieben.

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 The resia Fischer reveals details shoot


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