GNTM (ProSieben): Heidi without a muzzle – that’s what she thinks about Tokio Hotel


Heidi Klum lets it out.

 The  GNTM boss says bluntly what she thinks of the music of her husband Tom Kaulitz – and what she does in the Tokyo Hotel recording studio.

Berlin – © The  16th “Germany’s Next Top Model” season has finally started. After the first GNTM episode had left plenty of room for improvement, the fans were eagerly awaiting the second episode. On Thursday, February 11th, from 8:15 p.m., it will be possible to see how star photographer Rankin produces the opener for the ProSieben casting show with the remaining 24 candidates. Continuing to hear in the background of the opener: “White Lies” by Tokio Hotel and VIZE. Heidi Klum now provides background information on the song selection – and her opinion on husband Tom Kaulitz’s band.

TV show: Germany’s Next Topmodel
Long: 60-150 minutes
Year (s): since 2006
Manufacturing company: Season 1-7: Tresor TV; since season 8: RedSeven
Sender: ProSieben, ProSiebenSat.1 Media
Titellieder: In the Night, Work, Turn Me On, Nasty Girl u.v.m.

GNTM 2021 (ProSieben): Tokio Hotel delivers title song – does Heidi Klum only rely on her husbands?

“White Lies” can be described as a classic up-tempo number. This year’s GNTM intro encourages dancing and serves as the perfect background music for the catwalk appearances of the young models. For Tokio Hotel it is the second time that the band from Magdeburg has given the ProSieben casting show a voice. ©

 The  voice of front man Bill Kaulitz could already be heard in the “Germany’s Next Topmodel” opening credits in 2019. ©

 The  song back then: “Melancholic Paradise”.

GNTM boss Heidi Klum reveals what she thinks about her husband Tom Kaulitz’s band – Tokio Hotel. ( assembly)

© Faye Sadou/imago images & Jan Woitas/dpa & imago stock/people

At this point, the love of Heidi Klum and Tokio Hotel guitarist Tom Kaulitz was already public. Spicy: In 2008 her husband at the time, soul singer Seal, donated GNTM with “Amazing”, the opener song. That’s why rumors are now loud that the model mom is increasingly choosing the musicians who are close to her. Heidi Klum makes it clear in the “Red” interview on ProSieben that this is not the case.

GNTM 2021 (ProSieben): Heidi Klum speaks about Tokio Hotel – begging for show openers


 The  47-year-old would visit the Kaulitz twins and their band colleagues in the recording studio again and again. Heidi Klum is a fan, but that doesn’t mean that she automatically says everything that Tokio Hotel brings in. ©

 The refore, so the logical consequence, the Tokio Hotel track was not set as a show opener simply for reasons of love. Regarding the use of “White Lies” as a GNTM intro, Heidi Klum had to do a lot of persuading, namely with husband Tom.


 The n I said: I’ll think about it again, I slept over it for a night and then I said yes, after 24 hours,” said the musician in the “Red” conversation. At this point in the interview, Heidi and her brother-in-law Bill Kaulitz burst out laughing. This suggests that Tom Kaulitz exaggerated a little in his execution. But his wife affirmed: “I had to beg a lot and then he said yes. As with everything. ”Listen, listen, what does that mean?

GNTM 2021 (ProSieben): annoying Heidi Klum – top model advises Tokio Hotel in the recording studio

But Heidi Klum, who according to * gave first insights into the GNTM challenges, also self-critically indicates that there are occasional discussions and problems when she visits the Kaulitz twins in the recording studio: “I’m probably a pain in the ass, because I always add my mustard. “Bill Kaulitz has to intervene directly:” Tom says it is always good when Heidi adds her mustard, because if she doesn’t say anything, it’s a bad sign. “

Why the GNTM intro of the 16th season comes from Tokio Hotel and not from an international artist, as has already been the case with Selena Gomez or Craig David, for example, remains to be clarified. “I like fun songs, that’s why I loved it straight away. We have just started the season, we are all looking forward to summer, we have nowhere to go. That’s why I think you can at least abdicate at home, “says Heidi Klum. And best of all with the shows of high-ranking GNTM guest jurors, including top model Alessandra Ambrosio and cult comedian Otto Waalkes. What does the East Frisian think of Tokio Hotel? // * is part of the Ippen-Digital network.

Rubriklistenbild: © Faye Sadou/imago images & Jan Woitas/dpa & imago stock/people

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GNTM ProSieben Heidi muzzle thinks Tokio Hotel


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