GNTM (ProSieben) in the live ticker: Heidi Klum with dirty sentence


Updated February 18, 2021, 11:17 pm

  • At the photo shoot of the third GNTM episode, the candidates became ballerinas.
  • A candidate could not convince Heidi Klum and guest juror Nikeata Thompson – and had to go.
  •  The  GNTM ticker for reading.

What we learn from today’s episode:

  • Liver sausage rolls make fat calves.
  • Corny bars can trigger a moderate crisis.
  • Stiffness in bed is never good.

10:34 pm: Yeah, Liliana, our girl! Next week there’s beef again – and a nude walk. That has NEVER happened at GNTM.

10:29 pm: And because Nana scratched herself, she has to go. Fair enough.

10:28 pm: “You scratched your neck, of course you can’t,” says Nikeata. Violations of Corona recommendations are punished severely at GNTM.

10:24 pm: What actually is a mega blockbuster? Is that another step up from Blockbuster?

10:11 pm: If there’s one thing GNTM has shown us, it’s that models are NOT actors.

10:09 pm: Who are the girls who get ahead?

GNTM in the live ticker: Heidi Klum with dirty sentence

10:01 pm: “Not so much happens in bed with Nana,” says Heidi. “Stiffness in bed is never good,” she adds. Quite apart from the fact that this dirty sentence doesn’t really make sense, let’s leave it that way.

9:44 pm: What nightmare do the girls run away from? Honey?

9:40 pm: Comment from the man in our GNTM group (of course, all Corona-compliant) about the Nightmare Walk: “… what nonsense! That doesn’t make any sense.”

9:37 pm: With us, the liver sausage rolls always start on the right calf.

9:31 pm: Three things that can shock GNTM candidates: 1. Not getting a photo. 2. Cutting tips during makeover. 3. A treadmill.

GNTM in the live ticker: Candidate Alex reveals her story

9:18 pm: “I’m a transgender woman, yes,” says Alex. “But first and foremost, I am a woman.” That is probably the smartest sentence that GNTM has ever heard.

9:14 pm: Alex reveals her story. “I had a biologically male body that I was born with, but even as a child I thought I was a girl,” she says. With her story she moves the girls to tears. What a strong woman. It’s a shame that it still has to be discussed at all … #teamalex

9:05 pm: Incidentally, we are still very shocked that after five years in Germany, Soulin speaks better German than any single “Bachelor” candidate of all times and anyone who will come.

9:03 pm: Incidentally, two girls always compete against each other during the shoot. One thing goes straight ahead, one thing has to go into the elimination walk. Next are Chanel, Alysha, Linda, among others.

8:56 pm: “We wear something lightly dressed,” says Dasha. We didn’t even know that Micaela Schäfer could be worn …

8:50 pm: Linda says her butterfly tattoo stands for “freedom and beauty”. We actually thought for “blasphemy and bitch”.

8:48 pm: Heidi Klum speaks of harmony in the duel shoot. Escalation at Liliana in three, two, one …

8:45 pm: His shootings are SPEK-TA-KU-LÄR! Like the GNTM shoot in the middle of Berlin. With girls in tutus. On a bridge.

GNTM in the live ticker: Beef between Elisa and other candidates

8:43 pm: Elisa is called Avocado Toast by the other girls. © The re is a dispute about Corny bars. Problems that many of us would like to have.

8:33 pm: Uuuuuuh, stress after the break. We like!

8:30 pm: Since when have inexperienced people been put in pointe shoes? Can’t you do that with a lot of training?

8:25 pm: “Feel your arm next to your ear,” says Kim Jong Snape. Better than a wet finger in your ear …


8:20 pm: Is it actually an unwritten law that ballet teachers always have to look like Severus Snape and act as if they were apprenticed to Kim Jong Un?

8:17 pm: As a precaution, they do not display the names of the candidates. Apparently, the ProSieben editorial team is still unsure of the names of all the girls.

8:16 pm: Where is the Heidi horror alarm clock when you need it?

8:15 pm: It goes loooooos! Hooray!

Heidi Klum is “bursting at the seams”

4:46 pm: Well, don’t let the designer see that! Heidi Klum has to fight mightily with her boots in the current GNTM episode – which is why scissors are used at short notice.

On her Instagram profile, the model published a scene in advance in which she is sitting on the floor with several employees around her who are desperately trying to force Klum into what are apparently much too tight overknees. “I can’t get into my shoes,” complains the model. And further: “Like a Cabanossi I’m bursting at the seams today.”

Why? Apparently, the model tasted particularly good back in Germany. “I ate too many liver sausage rolls,” explains Klum and laughs.

To solve the problem, an employee quickly picks up scissors and creates a little more space inside the boot for Heidi’s calves. “Now there is bound to be trouble because we cut open the boots,” speculates the Klum. But at least the intervention served its purpose – in the end, the boot fits. And Heidi Klum sums up: “It is not easy to be Heidi Klum …”

Heidi Klum at GNTM: “© The  girls should learn discipline”

Preview of episode three: No, this is not a classic version of “Let’s Dance”, which will be broadcast on ProSieben on Thursday evening, but actually GNTM: At the photo shoot, the top model candidates are in front of the camera as ballerinas. Pointe shoes instead of high heels, tutu instead of designer fumbling.

“As a child, it was always my dream to dance ballet and become a ballerina,” says candidate Soulin. But Heidi Klum wouldn’t be Heidi Klum if it were that easy. © The  head of the jury follows a stricter plan. “© The  girls should learn body tension and discipline,” demands the Klum. In this episode, in addition to personality and diversity, the alpha and omega

© The  catwalk then becomes a scene of a nightmare. No, for once not because of Heidi Klum’s horror outfits, but officially: During the decision walk, “the candidates” dive into the world of dreams, “ProSieben announces in advance. After a short acting performance (oh God, we suspect evil …) “they have to flee their nightmares on a treadmill. Only when they wake up can they confidently walk the catwalk.”

For whom will the nightmare at the end of the episode seamlessly tie in with the GNTM-Aus? Who can convince choreographer and guest judge Nikeata Thompson and Heidi Klum? And what actually became of the Klumquamperfekt? You can find out all of this here in our live ticker for GNTM.

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