GNTM: Why did Kasia Lenhardt die? Now the public prosecutor is reacting


Kasia Lenhardt’s body is autopsied. (Photomontage)

© Instagram / Kasia Lenhardt & Klaus-Dietmar Gabbert / dpa

 The  former GNTM model Kasia Lenhardt was found dead on February 9th. It is also unclear why the 25-year-old died – an autopsy should now shed light on the darkness.

Berlin – ©

 The  shock and mourning for the late GNTM model Kasia Lenhardt († 25) is still deep. ©

 The  Mother of a six year old son was found dead in a Berlin apartment on February 9th. Although the police one External negligence excluded has, the cause of death of the former GNTM candidate is still unclear. A autopsy should now bring light into the dark.

Kasia Lenhardt became known through GNTM – but her death shocked far beyond the TV show.

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GNTM model Kasia Lenhardt: News of her death caused a great shock wave

Kasia Lenhardt became famous in 2012t, when the native Polish took part in the casting show “Germany’s next top model” (ProSieben). In the final with model mom Heidi Klum, Kasia Lenhardt was the first to drop out – but then made a name for herself as a model and as an influencer. Before her death, the name of the 25-year-old appeared in the headlines more and more often. ©

 The  reason was public separation of her ex-boyfriend Jérôme Boateng (32) and the subsequent shit storm that the young mother had to endure. Just a few days later the news of her death shocked all of Germany.

GNTM (ProSieben): Kasia Lenhardt’s body is autopsied – cause of death still unclear

Since then there have been many pages on Instagram that Demand justice for Kasia Lenhardt and the clarification of the circumstances of death. Although the police rule out third-party negligence in the death of Kasia Lenhardt, many fans still have unanswered questions. On the one hand, photos of the place where the 25-year-old died, and the grieving mother also speaks publicly of “evidence” (we reported). ©

 The  Kasia Lenhardt’s cause of death is unclear – why is still being investigated in the case of the deceased model.

As reports, the ©

 The  body of Jérôme Boateng’s ex-girlfriend Kasia Lenhardt will now be autopsied. “With regard to the death of the person in question, a death investigation will be initiated at the Berlin public prosecutor’s office. ©

 The  Berlin public prosecutor’s office ordered the autopsy, ”the public prosecutor’s office in charge informed the portal upon request. To what extent the Autopsy will shed light on the dark and whether this information will ever reach the public is unclear.

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GNTM Kasia Lenhardt die public prosecutor reacting


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