Gold premiere: Austrian Hauser wins the mass start of the Biathlon World Cup – Biathlon World Cup

Gold premiere: Austrian Hauser wins the mass start of the Biathlon World Cup - Biathlon World Cup

 The  German biathlon women missed a medal in the mass start at the end of the title fights. © The  Austrian Lisa © The resa Hauser crowned a strong world championship with her first title. Before that, she had already won silver twice in the mixed relay and the pursuit. It is also a premiere, because for the first time an Austrian woman won individual gold at a biathlonWM.

© The  Norwegians Ingrid Landmark Tandrevold and Tiril Eckhoff took silver and bronze. In the end, Marte Olsbu Röiseland was only fourth, having gone to the final lap ahead of her teammates. But first Tandrevold passed and then she was intercepted on the home straight by Eckhoff, who was eight seconds behind her 900 meters from the finish. © The  defending champion and great dominator of Antholz 2020 remained without an individual medal in these championships.

Preuss motivates for the next title fights

Franziska Preuss and Vanessa Hinz came in sixth (+52.6 seconds) and ten (+1: 21.2 minutes) after the relay silver the day before.

Lisa has been doing really good races all season. I really like her, so I’m happy for her“, praised Preuss in the connection ZDF the winner. She was happy with her own race but had hoped for more: “It’s a good result again. But I haven’t managed to win an individual medal now. © The n I’ll try again next year. That motivates me for the upcoming training season.”

It was damn hard today on the trail. I felt good in the shooting, but one mistake annoyed me. Four times zero would have been possible“, Hinz was annoyed about her missed shot, but was satisfied with her overall performance at the World Cup.

Herrmann has to fit quickly

Instead of a trio, only the Preuß / Hinz duo entered the race for the German Ski Association. Denise Herrmann, who was actually also qualified, had to cancel her participation two hours before the start. © The  reason is a cold like that DSV communicated. “We assume that she is not 100 percent efficient with the disease and that it makes no sense to start“, said DSV doctor Dr. Jan Wüstenfeld. Herrmann started straight home, but a start at the last World Cup of the season in Nove Mesto and Östersund was not in danger.

Hinz at the front

In the first shooting, Hinz, like about half of the field, stayed clear, the others had to go to the penalty loop at least once. Including Preuss and some favorites like Eckhoff or Hanna Öberg, who were around 20 seconds behind. © The  French Julia Simon, the leader in the mass start World Cup this winter, had to do three extra laps and was at the end of the field.

Hinz has to tear something off

Hinz also made no mistakes in the second prone shooting and was fifth on Rag. Her gap to the leader Lisa © The resa Hauser was 6.6 seconds. Preuss also knocked down all the targets and found himself in a larger group of pursuers with a deficit of 25 seconds. At the top four athletes led by Hauser and Eckhoff were slightly ahead of the first standing stage.

Errors in Preuss and Hinz

Hauser hit all the targets there for the third time and, together with Baiba Bendika from Latvia, who had also been faultless up to that point, pulled away from the field. Hinz and Preuss each had to complete the additional 150 meters. Hinz went back on track in eighth place (+40.6 seconds) and Preuss in twelfth place (+53.6 seconds).

Hauser stays ice cold

While Bendika’s nerves fluttered at the last shooting and she made two mistakes, Hauser completed the 20 perfect shots and went to the final round with a 20 second lead over Lisa Vittozzi. Her first world title was no longer to be taken away. Preuss and Hinz were also able to put another five hits and ranked ninth and tenth.

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Gold premiere Austrian Hauser wins mass start Biathlon World Cup Biathlon World Cup


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