Golden! Massimo and his pregnant Rebecca shine here


Massimo Sinató (40) and his wife Rebecca Mir (29) enjoy their time together! After all, the togetherness will soon come to an end, because the couple is expecting offspring. Since the two confirmed speculations about a pregnancy at the end of last year, they have openly shown their family happiness. Presented there Rebecca again and again in tight clothes proudly her baby bump. Now her lover also posted a picture in which the two of them shine!

Via Instagram shared Maximum a snapshot from the weekend that he was using Rebecca and her dog Macchia has apparently spent in the sun. Together they stand by the water with sunglasses and pose smiling for the camera.  The  looks not only attracts the casual outfit with leather jacket of the Let’s Dance professional dancer, but above all the growing core of his wife. ©

 The  baby bump of the model is particularly emphasized by the bright orange of her skin-tight dress.

Using the time with his family seems to be for Maximum to be in the focus at the moment. In order to savor the happiness of his father for the first time and fully embrace the new phase of life Rebecca to be able to enjoy, he even renounced his participation in “Let’s Dance” this year. His fans think it’s a shame, but they understand the decision well.

Rebecca Mir and Massimo Sinató in November 2020

Instagram / massimo__sinato

Rebecca Mir and Massimo Sinató in November 2020
Massimo Sinató and Rebecca Mir 2020

Instagram / massimo__sinato

Massimo Sinató and Rebecca Mir 2020
Rebecca Mir and Massimo Sinató contribute "Let's Dance" 2012

Stefan Gregorowus / ActionPress

Rebecca Mir and Massimo Sinató at “Let’s Dance” 2012

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Golden Massimo pregnant Rebecca shine


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