Goodbye Germany: Emigrant Werner Boesel died after a serious illness


 The  fans of the Vox docu-soap “Goodbye Germany” are very sad: emigrant Werner Boesel has died.

In 2019, the “Goodbye Germany” team shared a moving cry for help on Instagram: Texas emigrant Werner Boesel was seriously ill and wanted his popular restaurant “Joe’s German Restaurant & Schnitzel House”, which he in Sulghur Springs led, with a heavy heart. Now there is again sad news: Werner Boesel has passed away.


“Goodbye Germany” star Werner Boesel
“Chemotherapy and blood transfusions”: He is seriously ill
Sad news from Werner Boesel from Texas: © The  “Goodbye Germany” star is seriously ill. Nor will he be able to keep his restaurant in Sulghur Springs in the long run.

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“Goodbye Germany” star Werner Boesel is dead

“With a broken heart I have to inform you that my dear Werner passed away tonight,” writes his wife Christine on his Facebook page. “Rest in peace, my dear.”


 The  posting includes numerous condolences and loving wishes for the relatives of the likeable TV star.

Werner Boesel had received blood transfusions and chemotherapy due to his illness, it was said in 2019. He withdrew from the public.


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Goodbye Germany Emigrant Werner Boesel died illness


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