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from Sara Petzold
Google has published a first developer preview for Android 12, which includes various innovations in the smartphone operating system. One of them is an adaptation of the user interface, which is based on Samsung’s One UI.

Shortly after leaked screenshots of Android 12 appeared on the Internet, Google released a developer preview for the latest version of the operating system. Diligent testers have already looked at the associated build in detail and discovered an interesting new feature in the user interface.

Improved user interface for one-handed operation

If you enter the associated ADB shell command into the console, you can activate a special UI design: Android places the individual UI elements closer to the user’s thumb when scrolling, so that the interface can be operated more easily with one hand. Google is based on the responsive design of Samsung’s One UI, which also relies on such a control.

Screenshots by XDA editor Mishaal Rahman show the UI feature in action.

 The  images illustrate how Google has made the user interface more accessible for one-handed use by providing more space for scrolling options at the top of the Android menu.

However, Google has not yet officially commented on the UI adjustment. Because this is a hidden feature that users first have to activate using the ADB shell command, it would be conceivable that the developers would remove the function from the final version of Android 12.

Because Google has been inspired by Samsung’s One UI several times in the past, Android fans can certainly hope that this UI feature will make it into the release version of Android 12.

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