Google is struggling to fix the new Stadia game after the studios shut down


Google is struggling to fix one of its new Stadia games after closing its indoor game studios earlier this month. Journey to the wild planet It debuted on February 1 of the same day in Stadia Google has closed its Stadia Studios and it started a number of developers.

Journey to the wild planet It was developed by Typhoon Studios, a studio acquired by Google to create Stadia titles for the first party. Players found that the game was full of bugs in stadiums, including game crashes that did not allow some players to bypass the main list.

Eurogamer Reports that Reddit users have been complaining about the issues for weeks and it’s not clear who is actually going to fix them. Since Typhoon Studios employees have either left Google or moved into new positions, Journey to the wild planet Players in Stadia are trying to contact Google and the publisher 505 Games. While 505 Games released the game on other platforms, it is Google that owns all the game codes and data as per the support response, Reddit users claim to have received.

Players were confused about who was going to fix the game, and Google stepped in to promise they would look into the issues. “We know this and our team is working hard with our partner publisher to solve the problem.” © The  Stadia team says on Twitter. A Google rep also posted on the Stadia subreddit to confirm the company is looking at issues.

It’s not clear when a fix will be available, and the game will continue to be bundled for free as part of a Google Stadia Pro subscription. Journey to the wild planet It was one of the first games launched by Google’s in-house development organization Stadia Games and Entertainment. It is now evolving to finally become unforgettable too.

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Google struggling fix Stadia game studios shut


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