Google: One backlink can be more important than millions


                                        In a Google Search Central SEO hangout, Google's John Mueller stated that the number of backlinks is irrelevant to the search engine;  millions of them could also be ignored.
                                        <p>Building a valuable backlink profile was on the agenda of many SEOs many years ago.  But it has long been clear that only really relevant and high quality backlinks can have a positive effect on the ranking.  So it can be wasted effort to build numerous links that Google ultimately ignores. 

Because you could go off and create millions of links across millions of websites if you wanted to, and we could just ignore them all,

explains Search Advocate John Mueller from Google in the hangout. A link from a reputable and reputable source could make all the difference.

Not new, but impressive: the quantity only plays a role if the quality of the backlinks is good

In the hangout, John Mueller answered the question “What matters most?

 The  number of unique referring backlink domains or the total number of backlinks? “Answered and explained that it is usually not worthwhile to focus on the number of backlinks. After all, Google looks primarily at the relevance of the links (which should not be set as nofollow for consideration in the ranking context). Mueller even went so far as to say in his answer – which Matt Southern reports at the Search Engine Journal:

© The  total number doesn’t matter at all.

Even millions of links to millions of websites could theoretically be ignored by Google. On the other hand, an extremely relevant backlink from a reputable source can have a very positive effect. Mueller explains:

Or there could be one really good link from one website out there that is, for us, a really important sign that we should treat this website as something that is relevant because it has that one link. I don’t know, maybe from like a big news site’s home page, for example. So the total number essentially is completely irrelevant.

However, if pages manage to generate as many highly relevant links as possible, the number of backlinks can of course play a role in the ranking. Because links that are considered more relevant ensure a better reputation, greater reach and possibly recognition on Google and in the SERPs.

You can understand John Mueller’s entire answer in the video about the SEO Office Hours of Google Search Central:

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