Grand Theft Auto V: US policeman calls for ban


Because there is an accumulation of car thefts, politicians in Chicago want to ban the sale of GTA V.

© The  US metropolis of Chicago has had an increasing problem with so-called car jackings since last year. Car owners are stopped and threatened by an attacker. This gets the vehicle owners to let him have their car. In Germany, this criminal practice is known as a “robbery attack on drivers”.

In Chicago, carjackings more than doubled last year, with 1,417 cases. In the first three weeks of 2021 there were already 144 new cases. © The  Republican politician Marcus Evans Jr. claims to have found the cause of the increasing carjacking in video games that glorify violence. As reported by the Chicago Sun Times newspaper, this month he tabled a bill to ban the sale of such games. © The  sales ban should apply to video games that cause psychological damage and represent car jackings – such as the “Grand ©

 The ft Auto” series.

Evans believes that video games could be responsible for the car thefts because many of the perpetrators are still minors. Only last Monday, according to Fox32, a 16-year-old perpetrator and a few days ago two 15-year-old perpetrators were arrested. According to the politicians, the youth could be inspired by the video games. © The y commit the act because, because of their age, they do not have to fear high penalties. It remains to be seen whether Evans’ bill will actually be implemented.

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 The ft Auto policeman calls ban


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