Greece wants to give preference to tourists with corona vaccination


Greece wants to make traveling in Corona times easier. Particularly vaccinated people should benefit from this. Can you still travel to the popular holiday destination in the future without a vaccination?

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As the first country in the European Union, Greece wants to give benefits to people who have already received a full corona vaccination. This move affects tourists in particular. In the hope that the majority of the world’s population will already be vaccinated in the summer and thus in the holiday season, travel should be made easier by this regulation. As the news portal “euronews” reports, the Greek government hopes that other European countries will follow suit.

 The  Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis has made a strong case at European level that the vaccination certificate makes traveling easier instead of discriminating against people,” explains the Greek Minister for Digital Affairs Kyriakos Pierrakakis in the report. ©

 The  proposal focuses on border crossings. A vaccination certificate should be presented when entering the country – otherwise you have to do a test and go into quarantine. ©

 The re should also be different queues at airports, so it would be faster for vaccinated people than for non-vaccinated people.

You can see the video of the advance above or here.

Operational and technological problems

According to “euronews”, 55,000 vaccination cards have already been issued for the system. A second vaccination is therefore mandatory. Nevertheless, the country is still facing operational and technological problems, for example if one country does not recognize another country’s certificate.

“At least as far as the limits are concerned, we are very optimistic that the template will be accepted. If this does not happen, there will be an absurd scenario: that a vaccinated person still has to take a test or be quarantined while the resources are better used for other people should “, stressed the Greek minister.

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Greece give preference tourists corona vaccination


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