Green / Ribo: Professional nurses can now also perform Covid-19 tests


Contribution to expanding competencies and thus appreciation of this professional group

Vienna (OTS) “I am very pleased that the existing epidemic law has been supplemented by an amendment in today’s Health Committee and that professional nurses can now also carry out Covid-19 tests. From my point of view, this is actually a matter of course that was not reflected in the previous version of the Epidemic Act. I am therefore all the more pleased that this has now been corrected on my initiative, “says the spokeswoman for the Greens for senior citizens and care, Bedrana Ribo.

With the amendment to this law, qualified health and nursing staff (DGKP) and nursing assistants (PFA) can now independently, i.e. without a doctor’s order, “smear smears from the nose and throat, including point-of-care Covid-19 antigen tests diagnostic purposes ”. For nursing assistants (PA) this is made possible by arrangement and under supervision.

“This addition is a contribution to the expansion of competencies and thus the appreciation of this professional group. This also makes this profession more attractive. But of course further steps have to be taken to motivate people to take up training, to switch to or to stay in this profession. We are currently working intensively on this as part of the upcoming care reform, ”emphasizes Ribo.

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Green Ribo Professional nurses perform Covid19 tests


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