Greens / Litschauer on Mochovce 3: Reactor block may not go into operation


Dangerous construction project must finally be stopped

Vienna (OTS) Today, Monday, the deadline for comments on the draft operating license for reactor 3 in the Mochovce nuclear power plant ends. “Since construction began in 1985, we have had a variety of problems with this project. © The  nuclear power plant has a security concept from the Soviet era. For example, it is not adequately protected against the impact of an aircraft and the devastating consequences associated with it. In 2020 it was even revealed that some certificates for important components in the Mochovce nuclear power plant were forged. All of this only makes it clear what is already clear from our point of view: It is time to finally draw a line under the dangerous project and end it, “says Martin Litschauer, anti-nuclear spokesman for the Greens. “Nuclear power is in no way a solution to our problems, on the contrary: it causes great damage and problems for millions of years,” adds Litschauer.

“Attempting to put it into operation not only endangers the population. Because the demolition of a nuclear power plant that was in operation is much more difficult and causes unnecessary costs on the shoulders of the Slovak population. © The re is also no further solution for nuclear waste, which will also put future generations under extreme pressure, ”says Litschauer.

© The  electricity costs for renewable energy sources are now well below those for nuclear power plants. “In the USA, nuclear power plants are already being closed for economic reasons. All those who want to continue to rely on retrograde atomic technology should orient themselves to this, ”says Litschauer.

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