Groundbreaking: Rosensteiner GmbH plans a new location


Rosensteiner GmbH, based in Steinbach an der Steyr, will cooperate with Hartl Metall from Waldneukirchen in the future. In Waldneukirchen, on the B122 between Bad Hall and Sierning, a new, joint company location is also being built.

WALDNEUKIRCHEN. Markus Achleitner, State Minister for Economic Affairs, was present at the groundbreaking ceremony. He says: “It is really a pleasure to meet such entrepreneurs in such difficult economic times.  The y don’t complain and just do it. Cooperation is the key – I am convinced of that.”
WKO President Doris Hummer was also enthusiastic about the site of the new company location. “Both companies set an example of what we urgently need now. We can do more together – I’m sure of that. It is an example of best practice for cooperation.”

Use synegies

A modern company building with 5,400 square meters of usable space is being built on an area of ​​16,500 square meters. Andreas Rosensteiner said: “© The  values ​​and visions of our companies are very similar. That is why it quickly became clear that we wanted to do something together. This not only saves resources, but also uses synergies.”

Rosensteiner GmbH
Rosensteiner GmbH, based in Steinbach an der Steyr, founded in 1982 as a locksmith’s shop, is today one of the leading companies in the field of hoof trimming stands and versatile transport systems for agricultural carrier vehicles – and that goes far beyond the Austrian borders. © The  company employs 25 people and achieved an annual turnover of almost four million euros in 2020 with an export share of over 50 percent.

Hartl metal
Hartl Metall from Waldneukirchen was founded in 1980 as a family business. © The  company now employs 37 people and achieved an annual turnover of almost six million euros in 2020. © The  focus of the modern locksmith for trade and industry is on steel and metal construction, industrial technology, welding technology, bridge constructions as well as on service and maintenance.

Andreas Rosensteiner, Regional Councilor for Economic Affairs Markus Achleitner, WKO President Doris Hummer and Martin Hartl (from left)
Regional Economic Councilor Markus Achleitner
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Groundbreaking Rosensteiner GmbH plans location


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