GTA 6: a trailer coming soon? Rockstar Games is looking for video specialists


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Could fans see a first GTA 6 trailer anytime soon? A job advertisement from Rockstar Games raises high hopes.

  • Possibly in the middle of working on GTA 6 Rockstar Games a new job ad abandoned for a gameplay capture artist.
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     The  body could mean that a Trailer is being planned or in progress for a current Rockstar Games project.

  • Next GTA 6 could also the suspected Remaster previous GTA games or the Enhanced Edition of GTA 5 Be a candidate for a new trailer.

New York, USA©

 The  last moving images that we have become a main part of GTA have seen and not too GTA Online belonged, are now over half a year ago. Even then, it wasn’t new Trailerbut only that GTA 5-Trailer the one for one Release was reissued on the PS5. So when does a new sign of life come from Rockstar Games? Possibly the company actually seems to be starting new Trailer For GTA 6 prepare. In any case, a current job advertisement seems to indicate that new image and video material is in progress.

Release (date of first publication) TBA
Publisher Rockstar Games
Serie Grand ©

 The ft Auto

platform PS5, Xbox Series X / S, PC (unconfirmed)
developer Rockstar North (unconfirmed)
Genre Open World, Shooter

GTA 6: Rockstar is looking for ‘cameramen’ to shoot in-game


 The  place that Rockstar Games in New York is currently free, is known as Cinematic Gameplay Capture Artist. ©

 The  job ad posted on the Rockstar Games website states that the role is responsible for capturing game scenes for use in advertising campaigns for both the Internet and television. It would be about gameplay scenes and cutscenes alike. ©

 The re GTA 6 According to several sources and leaks, it could have been in development for some time, the timing for this position would be appropriate.


 The  requirements of Rockstar Games are there for the job ad basically not even astronomical, apart from the fact that the applicants should be “world-class players on current platforms” if possible. ©

 The  Nintendo Switch is excluded from these platforms, but it would have been unlikely anyway GTA 6 or similar game finds its way to the hybrid console. In addition, this calls for Development studio an extensive knowledge of films, pop culture and music videos. Based on this, it could now be assumed that the projects in their setting are likely to be of a current nature, work on a port of Red Dead Redemption 2 could be carefully excluded.

GTA 6: trailer in prospect – new game or remaster?

That the position of the sought-after cinematic gameplay capture artist as specialist For Trailer an GTA will work, so it seems obvious. But GTA doesn’t have to be right away GTA 6 mean. Finally, it was last confirmed that GTA 3, Vice City and San Andreas were confirmed as a remaster trilogy by the Take-Two CEO. ©

 The re Rockstar Games but already specifically based on experience with the Next-Gen-Konsolen asks, it could also be the announced Enhanced Edition of GTA 5 act, which should appear this year.

GTA 6: trailer in the works? Rockstar Games is looking for specialists

© Rockstar Games (Montage)

However, because of some expressions, there is a slight optimism for you Trailer For GTA 6. So it says in the job ad also that mastering games that are still in development is part of the task. Coupled with the requirement of film and pop culture knowledge, where GTA is known for its satire of current pop culture, there is a touch of here GTA 6 in the air. If a release should actually be planned for GTA 6 in 2023 and Rockstar Games stick with it, a first Trailer two years ago Release to show, we could see a first trailer this year.

Rubriklistenbild: © Rockstar Games (Montage)

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GTA trailer coming Rockstar Games video specialists


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