GTA 6: Fan creates their own radio stations inspired by Rockstar Games


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GTA’s radio stations are iconic. Because an 80s setting for GTA 6 is already being rumored, a fan has created his own radio playlists for the era.

New York, USA

 The  Radio is a constant companion in every GTA * game. It is tradition, almost an obligation, that the Fans with a huge selection of excellent music of the most diverse genres while you heat your way through the streets of Liberty City, Vice City or Los Santos in a mobile unit of your choice. As in all other matters, are the expectations for them Radio station from GTA 6 * gigantic high. To bridge the time until the next Rockstar Games * work, a Fan already started, own Radio stations put together.

Sometimes a little speculation and wishful thinking is just fun. Especially if you wait as long for something like the end of the corona pandemic or GTA 6 it’s a nice bit of escapism to imagine how some things might look in the future. Such a thought could also be a Reddit-User with the name UltimateLazer when he decided to have a few self-made playlists for potential Radio station of the next open world gangster adventure to the GTA 6-Redditforum has asked. A lot of thought seems to be in the Song selection and the Transmitter image to have flowed.

At * you can find out more about the playlists that a fan created for GTA 6 * and what other information is suspected about the game so far. * is part of the Ippen-Digital network

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GTA Fan creates radio stations inspired Rockstar Games


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