Guilty Gear – Strive – I-No is the final character


Arc System Works now has its final character in Guilty Gear – Strive – reveals, which is followed by I-No with a slightly different look.

I-No belongs to the regular cast in the Guilty GearSeries and first stepped in as a boss Guilty Gear XX on. She is a time-traveling musician who seems to enjoy tormenting others and, alongside Raven, one of the servants. Very little is known about herself, based on a report in Guilty Gear XXwhich reads exclusively from “UNKNOWN !!”.

Its origins lie somewhere in the Centennial Crusades that brought mankind to the brink of extinction through the Gears Army of Justice. During the war, people’s desire for a better tomorrow was concentrated and so strong that a single magical foci was created. Thus all of creation was concentrated on a single “object”. This was later interpreted as a mistake that would destroy the world, and so this awareness was sealed in the body of a single person.

Guilty Gear – Strive – can be tried from this weekend in the Open Beta, which ends tomorrow, Monday.

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Guilty Gear Strive INo final character


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