Gurman: No Apple keynote on March 16


 The  rumors are still very vague because they come from dubious sources. However, it was already apparent that Apple would hold a keynote in March.

Update February 22, 2021:

Mark Gurman got in touch on Twitter and

a possible Apple keynote on March 16
denied. ©

 The  Apple expert has also rejected the possibility that Apple will present Airtags on March 16.

A comparable situation already existed in September of last year: Jon Prosser & Co. claimed that Apple will bring out new iPad models and the next generation of the Apple Watch on September 8th. Instead, Apple only announced that it would hold a keynote on September 15th. Although Apple’s September keynote was about iPads and the Apple Watch, it only took place a week later than the leaked date.

Whether with the keynote or not, the possibility that Apple will present new iPads remains. iOS 14.5 is currently in the second beta, Apple has promised the final version “in spring”. It will be released at the end of March or beginning of April, and at the same time the manufacturer can update some of its iPads.

Original message from February 19, 2021:

© The  Korean website “Economic Daily News” reports, citing two leakers on Twitter, that Apple plans to hold a virtual keynote on March 16 (via “Cult of Mac”). © The  two Twitter users (”

” and ”

“) have given the same date for the possible keynote on Twitter with a difference of fifty minutes, whether they have the same source or different, is not known. Comparable rumors, but without a specific date, were already circulating at the beginning of January. Macotacara “claims Apple is planning a March keynote with iPads as the focus.

Accordingly, Apple wants to introduce two iPads in a month: the iPad Pro and iPad Mini. © The  iPad Pro should get the successor chip from the A12Z, a variant of the A14 that is already built into iPhones 12. 5G is also almost certain for the cellular models, as the latest smartphones from Apple have made the leap to the latest standard. “Economic Daily News” also speculates about the mini LED display in the new iPad Pro. Apple updated its Pro range of tablets exactly a year ago, on March 18, 2020. This was done by press release at the time, because Apple had to cancel all events due to the current corona pandemic.

© The  iPad Mini should be even more interesting: Apple wants to enlarge the display of the smallest tablet by making the frames narrower. ©

 The  screen diagonal should then be 8.4 inches instead of 7.9 inches as in the fifth generation. Most likely, Apple will use the blueprints from the iPad Pro and iPhone 12, so the device will be more angular. Since the fifth generation still got the A12 chip, it is safe to assume that the A14 will be in the sixth generation. “Economic Daily News” also speculates that the Touch ID will disappear from the front and a new fingerprint sensor will be installed under the screen.

In addition to the two iPads, according to rumors, Apple also wants to introduce the Airtags, i.e. the Bluetooth trackers. Probably on a side note, Apple will introduce another expansion of Apple Card. © The  partner banks in new countries should be able to issue Apple’s credit card. It remains to be seen whether Germany will be there.

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