Guterres condemns violence against protesters in Burma


UN Secretary General António Guterres sharply criticized the violent repression of the security forces against the demonstrators.

In Burma, one day after the worst clashes to date during protests against the military coup, tens of thousands of people took to the streets with two dead. UN Secretary General António Guterres sharply criticized the violent repression of the security forces against the demonstrators. He condemned the “use of lethal force” in Burma, wrote Guterres on Sunday night on Twitter.

In Mandalay, where protesters were fatally shot on Saturday, tens of thousands of opponents of the generals gathered on Sunday to protest peacefully. In the largest city of Yangon, thousands of people gathered at two different junctions and chanted slogans against military rule. Similar protests were reported from many cities in all regions on Sunday.

 The  police arrested the actor Lu Min, famous in Burma, according to his wife. He was accused of supporting the opponents of the coup, she said on Facebook. ©

 The  social network itself intervened in the conflict by wiping out the most important pages of the military. ©

 The  reason is that the pages do not meet the standards against incitement to violence.


 The  madness has to stop”

On Saturday the police in Mandalay opened fire on striking shipyard workers and other demonstrators. Two people died, including a teenager. Numerous other demonstrators were injured. ©

 The  UN special envoy for Burma, Tom Andrews, was appalled and called for the “madness” to stop immediately. Guterres emphasized: “Everyone has the right to assemble peacefully.” At the same time, he called on all sides in Burma to respect the results of the previous election and to re-form a government of civilians.


 The  state newspaper “Global New Light of Burma” reported that striking shipyard workers sabotaged ships and attacked police officers with sticks, knives and slingshots. Eight police officers and several soldiers were injured. ©

 The  report did not mention the dead protesters.

Hundreds of people attended Mya Thwate Thwate Khaing’s funeral on Sunday. ©

 The  young woman died on Friday as a result of her injury. A week ago she was shot in the head at a rally. Military-owned media reported the woman was not killed with a police weapon. That is evident from the examination of the sphere.

Demand the reinstatement of Suu Kyi


 The  military overthrew the government on February 1 and arrested the de facto Prime Minister Aung San Suu Kyi. On that day, the parliament newly elected in November should have met for its first session. Suu Kyi’s National League for Democracy (NDL) party won the election by a large margin, but the military speaks of fraud.


 The  protesters are calling for Suu Kyi to be reinstated. ©

 The y also want to overturn the 2008 constitution, in which the military is assigned a formative role in politics. ©

 The  army ruled Burma continuously until 2011.

(APA / AFP / dpa / Reuters)

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Guterres condemns violence protesters Burma


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