GZSZ: Fake love story by Nazan and Felix revealed – actor kisses his own wife


GZSZ: fake love story by Nazan and Felix revealed – actor kisses his own wife (photo montage)


In Corona times, GZSZ has to get creative when shooting: Because of strict hygiene rules, familiar scenes are currently not possible.

Potsdam – people around the world are increasingly longing for more normalcy.  The y want their old life back – drinking coffee with friends, going out to party, meeting colleagues at work. © www.de24.news

 The  illusory world of GZSZ offers all of this. Because there is no pandemic there. No corona virus that makes everyday life lame.

Here Thaddäus Meilinger and Vildan Cirpan are facing each other


But even if everything on TV looks like a perfect world – in reality everything is of course completely different. And so the producers and performers of the daily soap are also affected by strict hygiene rules and minimum distance. Nevertheless, you can see intimate, familiar scenes in the RTL broadcast again and again – such as the kiss between Felix and Nazan. Now the Cologne broadcaster reveals how it was tricked to make this possible.

GZSZ: Felix and Nazan kiss on TV – but it’s not Vildan Cirpan

After Felix (Thaddäus Meilinger) broke up with Laura (Chryssanthi Kavazi, the entire GZSZ cast at a glance), he and Nazan finally have their first real date. At the beginning there are some teething problems between the two. But in the end there is even a kiss between them. What TV viewers do not know, however: Thaddäus Meilinger is not kissing Vildan Cirpan. No – behind the actress at this moment there is his own wife, Fritzi.

Here Thaddäus Meilinger kisses his wife Fritzi


Because of a strict hygiene concept, Squidward and Vildan are not allowed to get too close. However, the daily soap does not want to do without intimate scenes and body contact. After all, viewers are longing for it right now. © www.de24.news

 The  GZSZ producers dig deep into their box of tricks and come up with a creative solution: Vildan Cirpan gets a double without further ado. And since Thaddäus Meilinger kisses his wife privately anyway, it stands to reason that Fritzi briefly jumps into the role of Nazan.

GZSZ: Thaddäus Meilinger’s wife jumps in for Vildan Cirpan

“We are very happy that we have my wife available, and my wife is also ready to do it,” reveals Thaddäus Meilinger in an interview with RTL. She didn’t hesitate for long and spontaneously said “yes”. Fritzi had a pretty exciting day on the GZSZ set. Kissing her husband in front of the camera was not a private situation for her. “It was a professional situation,” explains the wife of the “Gute Zeiten, Schlechte Zeiten” actor. At that moment, she did not kiss her own husband, but the actor behind Felix Lehmann.

And this is not the first time that the GZSZ makers had to get creative. © www.de24.news

 The  scene in which Laura and Yvonne embrace was only possible through the use of doubles. In this case, however, there were two of them: Chryssanthi Kavazi’s sister and Gisa Zach’s daughter jumped in briefly to make this familiar scene possible.

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GZSZ Fake love story Nazan Felix revealed actor kisses wife


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