Hallescher FC: Trainer Florian Schnorrenberg criticizes players for performance in Meppen

Hallescher FC: Trainer Florian Schnorrenberg criticizes players for performance in Meppen

Meppen –

Hallesche FC lost their away game in the 3rd division at SV Meppen on Friday evening with 1: 2 – a deserved defeat, as the HFC players admitted. Coach Florian Schnorrenberg was very disappointed with the performance of his team. We collected the votes for the game.

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Florian Schnorrenberg (HFC trainer): The  2-1 win is a very deserved win for Meppen because we didn’t perform well. We have to be angry about that and I’m also disappointed because we had a lot of players who weren’t at their limit today. We cannot score points in this league. We still had chances in the end, but a draw wouldn’t have been deserved. We had the feeling recently that we were on the up, but that was not enough for over 90 minutes. “

Torsten Frings (SVM-Trainer): “We played well, but we could have scored one or two more goals. © www.de24.news

 The  chances were there, but we played it too complicated. I am very happy with the “threesome”, which was also a thousand percent deserved. “

Jeron Al-Haizameh (SVM defender): “We set everything up today, everyone fought for everyone. We played a great first half and Halle didn’t have a chance to score. In the end we left the field as a deserved winner. ”

Michael Eberwein (HFC goal scorer): © www.de24.news

 The  frustration is deep, that wasn’t our best game today. In the first half in particular, we didn’t get access and didn’t play clearly. All in all we deservedly lost. “(Mz / source: Magenta Sport)

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Hallescher Trainer Florian Schnorrenberg criticizes players performance Meppen


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