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“Halloween Kills“ in the stream? “Sure, because the cinema is dead!” John Carpenter buries the movie theaters


John Carpenter has never held back with his opinion and so the maestro of horror spoke NME about the future of cinema:

© The se people make decisions that best get them away. This is how they see the future and that’s why they want to publish their films in the stream and cinema at the same time! ©

 The y think it’s the best thing to do right now. Of course, “Halloween Kills” will also end up in the stream, because the cinemas are dead! It’s a tragedy … but the truth! ©

 The  studio contacted David Gordon Green and me and asked if we should postpone it for a year in the hopes that things would be more normal then. We still hope that everything will get better. “

Currently is “Halloween Kills“ still for a theatrical release on October 14th 2021 intended.

Do you also think that the cinema is dead? Let us know in the comments:

My love for film really ignited in 1993 when my 11 year old self was brainwashed by the gigantic ad campaign for Jurassic Park. Since then, this has also been my favorite film. Contrary to that, my heart is attached to Asian cinema and the whole culture. No matter whether Japan, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, China or Korea, the films from Asia are always something very special and infinitely deeper than the American Hollywood uniformity. In terms of gaming, I had an excellent childhood, that is to say, NES and GAME BOY before many more followed. Still I am a Sega disciple. Favorite Directors: Hideaki Anno, Akira Kurosawa Favorite Games: Metal Gear Solid 1, Final Fantasy VII, Zelda – Ocarina of Time Favorite Film Composer: Jerry Goldsmith

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Halloween Kills stream cinema dead John Carpenter buries movie theaters


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