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 The  numbers are not going back any further, they are actually increasing a bit,” said Senate spokesman Marcel Schweitzer at the state press conference on Tuesday. “And the virus mutations are spreading.” In Hamburg there are currently 13 confirmed cases of new corona infections with a mutant. 311 suspected cases are currently being sequenced in laboratories. “We expect that there will be a lot more cases.”

Mask requirement on playgrounds, at the Alster and landing bridges

Against this background, the Senate has not decided any further easing steps – on the contrary: the mask requirement is to be tightened in the Hanseatic city. In the future, you should wear a mask wherever you cannot keep the minimum distance, i.e. wherever it is tight: “In playgrounds there should be a mask requirement for adults,” said Schweitzer. In addition, masks should also be worn in tourist places – around the Alster, on the Elbe, the landing stages and in the city park.

© The  tightening should apply by the weekend at the latest


 The re will soon be an extensive list of which places in the city are affected. ©

 The  ordinance will be adapted very promptly, said Schweitzer, it should apply “at the latest” at the weekend. ©

 The re will be priority controls by the police. “Take the masks with you when you have to leave the house,” advised Schweitzer.

Flower shops and garden centers remain closed


 The  tightening of the mask requirement is also a consequence of the past weekend, when in good weather in many places in Hamburg people without masks and the necessary distance would have come. Relaxations – such as an early opening of the flower shops and garden centers, which has often been called for, the red-green Senate has not decided. “We cannot answer for that,” said Schweitzer.

Incidence continued to rise

According to the social authority, 161 new corona cases were registered on Tuesday. That is 58 cases fewer than on Monday, but 10 more than a week ago. ©

 The  number of new infections per 100,000 inhabitants in the past seven days rose to 71.4. On Tuesday a week ago, this value was 67.1.

Further information

A quick test for Covid-19.  © picture alliance / dpa Photo: Oliver Berg

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