Hans Sigl shares touching memories of Siegfried Rauch


Hans Sigl remembers his “Bergdoktor” colleague Siegfried Rauch with loving words and little anecdotes: “We think of you. Always.”

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Last Thursday, 7.26 million viewers tuned in to a new episode of “Der Bergdoktor” and thus gave the ZDF series excellent ratings. Leading actor Hans Sigl takes the great values ​​as an opportunity to remember his former colleague Siegfried Rauch with nice words, little anecdotes and a selfie.

“Siggi. Old fighter. That’s how I always greeted you. You always came to the set in a good mood. On days like today, when we’re all happy about a great quota, I think of you,” the 51-year-old Austrian actor wrote a photo posted on Instagram. Smoke and a half-photographed Sigl beam into the camera.

In his text Sigl unpacked even more stories about the long time together on the “Bergdoktor” set. Because Rauch was from season one in 2008 until his death in 2018 as Dr. Roman Melchinger, the previous owner of Dr. Gruber’s (played by Hans Sigl) practice, seen in the ZDF series. “We have often talked about the time when you and Maria Schell had over 12 million viewers or even more. I always enjoyed chatting and listening to you,” continues Sigl.

“Not with us for far too long”

Sigl closed his post with emotional words: “You haven’t been with us for far too long. But when I’m sitting on ‘our’ bench while shooting, I know you’re watching. My dear friend. Let me say at that point : We think of you. All the time. ”

Siegfried Rauch, who was also popular as “Traumschiff” captain or as head of the family Florian Behringer alongside Maria Schell in “ The  Happy Family”, died on March 11, 2018 at the age of 85 of heart failure.

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Hans Sigl shares touching memories Siegfried Rauch


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