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After stagnation, the incidence values ​​- the number of new infections within seven days – slowly rise again in the region. Is it already the third wave of the pandemic?

 The  Ulm virologist Professor Thomas Mertens is still holding back with the word “third wave”. But the development of new infections worries the chairman of the standing vaccination commission. Because the incidence is slowly climbing up again across Germany and also in the region.

Danger because of the mutations

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 The re could be two reasons for this. Either people would already have more private contacts again or it was due to the corona mutations. “© www.de24.news

 The  mutant is transmitted so much better that if the behavior remains the same, the decline in the number of new infections no longer progresses,” explains Professor Mertens.

Professor Thomeas Mertens (Photo: dpa Bildfunk, picture alliance / dpa | Kay Nietfeld)

© www.de24.news The  Ulm virologist and chairman of the permanent vaccination commission, Professor Thomas Mertens, has not yet spoken of a third wave.

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 The  head of virological diagnostics at Ulm University Hospital, Professor Detlef Michel, rejects the terms first, second and third wave.

It’s more of a perm.

Professor Detlef Michel, Ulm University Hospital

Until not all people are immune, there could be new infections again and again. Immunity can only be achieved if everyone has been vaccinated or everyone has Covid-19, says Michel. But recently there have been increasing reports that vaccination appointments are not even started. Professor Thomas Mertens cannot understand this reaction.

Corona vaccines “very effective”

“You can say quite clearly that all three vaccines are very effective and that it would be really frivolous and irrational if you don’t get vaccinated now,” criticizes the Ulm virologist.

Teachers can also arrange a vaccination appointment in Baden-Württemberg. So far, mainly people over 80 and nursing staff have been vaccinated. Vaccination appointments for employees in primary schools and daycare centers are only just beginning. Nevertheless, elementary schools and daycare centers have been open since Monday. This also means that there is a risk that the infections will rise again, according to Mertens.

More infections from school and daycare openings?

According to studies, schools are not hotspots for virus outbreaks, but some people would meet there. “This gives the virus a better chance of being transmitted from one to the next,” says Mertens. It remains to be seen how the situation develops in the coming weeks.

Professor Michel is also familiar with crowded school buses. He therefore also assumes that the number of infections could rise again after the school and daycare center opens. But he sees it calmly: “In the end, these are groups of people who are well under 50 years of age, so that the difficult processes are actually negligible.”

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