Hauser wants to savor gold – then focus on the World Cup

Hauser wants to savor gold - then focus on the World Cup

        Lisa Hauser also showed off her top form at the World Cup.  With the final gold triumph in the mass start, silver in the pursuit and with the mixed relay, the Tyrolean in Pokljuka almost single-handedly ensured the best World Cup in ÖSV history, on par with that of 2009. Back then and until a few weeks ago, the men always had wrote the success stories in Austrian biathlon, meanwhile it is Hauser who is responsible for big highlights.        </p><div>
        <p>"Now I'm one of the greats, that's really cool. It was unbelievably nice to hear the anthem," said Hauser, trying to classify the significance of her success after a "perfect" mass start with no shooting errors and with a large margin.  It is almost a little crazy to be the first Austrian female world champion.  It makes her very proud to be the one who made it, added the 27-year-old from Reith near Kitzbühel.</p>            

A corresponding victory celebration in the team was canceled due to the corona restrictions. But after returning home, she will toast with the family in a small group, revealed Hauser. “I want to enjoy and savor the whole thing.” But it will take some time until what has been achieved is processed. “You can’t even realize what you’ve achieved there.”

Above all, recovery should not be neglected in the coming days, after all, Hauser completed the grueling maximum program with seven races in twelve days. After a short break, however, she will soon be back in training. After all, there is still a lot going on in the remaining three weeks of racing from March 4th. In the overall World Cup, thanks to the top World Cup results with seven podiums in the last ten races as fourth place, she still has a chance of making it into the top 3.

In the mass start classification, she still has a say about the small crystal ball. In the sprint and pursuit are also top results in the overall classification. She has already secured that in the individual with her fourth place in the World Championship in this discipline.

Your coach Markus Fischer hopes that Hauser will recover quickly from the World Cup exertions and continue to succeed in the World Cup. “This is a new situation with Lisa, we will see that we can buffer that this week. We shimmy from goal to goal”, said Fischer from the APA – Austria Press Agency when asked about possible World Cup ambitions before the recovery week.

Together with shooting trainer Gerald Hönig, Fischer has played a large part in the current high altitude.

 The re is no particular secret of success for the greatly improved running form this season. “Ultimately, it’s the stable training work over the years. We changed a bit before the season, it was really fluid over the summer,” explained Fischer. Thanks to Hauser’s stable foundation, he doesn’t expect another slump to come now, the German said.

ÖSV men’s head coach Ricco Groß was only allowed to celebrate the World Cup successes from a distance in the quarantine in Ruhpolding after his positive Corona diagnosis shortly after his arrival. “It was of course totally crazy what Lisa did, it was absolutely sensational, world champion, that is unbelievable,” said Groß to ORF.

But the rest of the team also sold very well. “It was great what the athletes implemented,” explained Gross, referring above all to the mixed silver medal from Hauser, Dunja Zdouc, David Komatz and Simon Eder, who on the final day as fourth in the mass start almost brought in more precious metal .

But even with three medals one exceeded expectations, emphasized Groß. He was sure that this would also be well received at the ÖSV headquarters in Innsbruck. ©

 The  coaching staff doesn’t want to be satisfied with that. “We want more, the Olympic Games are next year, so things will go on again. We also have to get athletes who are not completely satisfied so that we can fight for medals there again,” hopes Groß a long-term effect on Felix Leitner, Julian Eberhard and Co. In the short term, an impulse for the offspring at the upcoming Junior World Championships in Obertilliach would be desirable. “It would be nice if the spark jumped over.”


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Hauser savor gold focus World Cup


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