Hazel Brugger: “” Power Couple “always sounds so intrusive”


Updated February 16, 2021, 6:29 am

Cologne (dpa) –  The  married comedians Hazel Brugger (27) and Thomas Spitzer (32) do not see themselves as a power couple.

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“I think we are a couple who are not looking to show,” said the US-born Swiss Brugger, who became known to a wider audience through the ZDF “heute show”, the editorial network Germany (RND).

“” Power Couple “always sounds so intrusive, like forcing something on people.” Brugger, who is pregnant, and her husband Thomas Spitzer live in Cologne. You recently started producing the Spotify podcast “Just Married”. It’s about relationship issues. “It can be intimidating when everyone knows about your problems,” Spitzer told the RND. But it also connects nicely with the audience. “At some point you have the feeling that they know you better than your own siblings or your own mother.”

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Hazel Brugger Power Couple sounds intrusive


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