Health authorities are investigating the possible source of the alleged case zero of the South Africa mutation in Tyrol


Alleged case zero received a visit on December 10, 2020 from a person who had been working in South Africa for weeks immediately before

Innsbruck / St. Poelten (OTS) © The  health authorities are currently investigating a possible source of the alleged case zero of the South African mutation in Tyrol. As already known, according to the current state of knowledge, case zero in Tyrol is due to a sample swab from a person in the Schwaz district on December 23, 2020. This sample was sequenced later in January – after the British mutations first appeared. © The  South African coronavirus mutation was finally detected. © The  contact tracing and the source search for this case have been running at full speed ever since. In the middle of this week it was announced that the person in question in the Schwaz district was visited on December 10th, 2020 by a person born in Tyrol and registered in Lower Austria since the end of January. According to the current state of the survey, this person was in South Africa for work-related reasons for about five weeks immediately before the visit. © The  surveys by the health authorities are still in full swing and are currently not yet completed, so there is still no final status of the survey.

Since these new developments became known, the health authorities in Tyrol and Lower Austria have meticulously and meticulously followed up all relevant information. As far as we know, the person came back from their business trip from South Africa on December 10th, 2020 by plane and landed at Munich Airport. After the person sitting next to you living in southern Germany on the plane, with whom she said she had work to do in South Africa, tested positive for the corona virus at Munich airport (according to her own statements, there was a seat between the two people, both people wore FFP2 masks during the entire 11-hour flight time), according to the current state of knowledge, the person was tested using a PCR test in a private laboratory in Tyrol on the same day. © The  result was negative. After the negative test, the previous alleged Tyrolean case zero in the Schwaz district was visited.

After the visit, the person went to Lower Austria to prepare for the move to Lower Austria. According to the latest information, the person developed an increased temperature on December 11th, 2020 after intensive research by the Tyrolean authorities and had a fever of 39 degrees on December 12th, 2020 and was swabbed on a test street in Lower Austria on December 14th, 2020 and was tested positive. In this case, the illness was so severe that the person had to be treated at the regional hospital there. Detection by sequencing is no longer possible in this case, since the corresponding samples are no longer available for sequencing. © The  health authorities are currently examining all existing causalities in detail in order to be able to trace the chains of infection.

“Our intensified contact tracing and the extended period of searching for sources have led to this trace. © The  cooperation with the colleagues of the responsible health authority in Lower Austria is exemplary. It is important for us to stress that the surveys are not about looking for someone to blame. © The  only thing is to understand possible chains of infection as best as possible and to follow up on all indications so that the more contagious mutations cannot spread any further, ”said the district captain of Schwaz Michael Brandl. BH Schwaz immediately informed the German authorities about the case and the possible causalities via the Europe-wide networked online tracing system. It is emphasized again that the surveys are still ongoing and that there is still no final state of investigation.

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Health authorities investigating source alleged case South Africa mutation Tyrol


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