Hearthstone – ascends into the “Year of the Gryphon”


Hearthstone is set to move into a new era in the coming weeks with the start of the year of grasping, with sweeping changes, hundreds of new cards and exciting new ways to play.  The  Year of the Griffin kicks off with the first new Forged In © www.de24.news

 The  Barrens expansion, inspired by the iconic location in World of Warcraft where millions of brave Horde adventurers chopped off their teeth (or tusks) and began to forge their legends.

Simultaneously with the beginning of the Year of Grasping, the new Hearthstone Core Set will be introduced, replacing the existing Basic and Classic Sets with a curated selection of 235 cards (including new and already released cards) and the game for both existing players and newcomers revitalized. In parallel with the core set, the new Classic format will be introduced, which will allow players to create decks and compete with Hearthstone’s original card sets, as was the case in 2014.

Later this year, Hearthstone Mercenaries, an all-new single-player, competitive game mode that invites players to assemble and improve teams of Azeroth’s most powerful heroes and villains, and put them to the test in an ever-changing series of addicting tactical battles to deliver.

Players will see their mercenaries gain experience, equipment, and new skills and evolve into even more powerful versions of themselves as they battle their way through highly repeatable, randomly generated roguelike missions.

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 The  year of the grasping will be another exciting and eventful year of new content and experiences at Hearthstone,” said J. Allen Brack, president of Blizzard Entertainment. “Forged in the Barrens will take us straight out of World of Warcraft to a place we and many of our players care deeply, the new core set will continue to shake up the game on an annual basis, and Hearthstone Mercenaries and the new Classic mode will offer even more fantastic play options. ”

Forged in the Barrens expansion set

Forged in the Barrens returns to the roots of World of Warcraft, introducing 135 brand new maps inspired by the characters and stories that make up this beloved, privation-rich setting. In addition to the new keywords and game mechanics, “Forged in the Barrens” introduces 10 legendary mercenaries, each representing a different Hearthstone class and whose stories will play out in the year of the Griffin – also in the upcoming new game mode “Hearthstone Mercenaries”.

Starting today, players can pre-order the Forged in the Barrens Mega Bundle ($ 79.99), which includes 85 packs of cards from the expansion (including five packs of gold cards that all contain gold cards) and two random gold legendary cards, the Hamuul Runetotem Card back and an alternate hero as well as perks for Hearthstone battlegrounds, which are valid until the next expansion. Also available is the Forged in the Barrens Pre-Purchase Bundle ($ 49.99), which includes 60 packs from the expansion, two random legendary cards, and the Hamuul Runetotem card back.

Hearthstone mercenaries

Hearthstone Mercenaries is a new single player, competitive game mode in which players collect powerful new and old characters from across the Warcraft® universe and level them up in exciting tactical battles. Mercenaries should be released later this year. More information on the mode will be announced shortly before launch.

Hearthstone Core Set & Classic Format

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 The  Hearthstone Core Set will be released along with the Year of the Griffin. © www.de24.news

 The  core set is free for all players and is updated every year. It replaces the existing Basic and Classic cards with a curated collection of 235 new and existing cards to keep Hearthstone fresh and get new players started easily. © www.de24.news

 The  core set will consist of 160 class cards and 75 neutral cards, including redesigned legendary Minion versions of Warcraft’s most fearsome dragons, including Deathwing, Malygos, and Ysera.

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 The  Year of the Griffin comes with the Hearthstone Classic format, inviting players to experience the game as it was when it was first launched in 2014. In addition to Standard and Wild, the Classic format is fully supported, with its own rewards and leaderboards, and will include all of the original Hearthstone cards as they were in the early days of the game.

Visit www.playhearthstone.com for more details on Forged in the Barrens, Hearthstone Mercenaries and the upcoming Core Set.

About Hearthstone
With more than 100 million players worldwide, Hearthstone is the internationally acclaimed free digital card game from Blizzard Entertainment, designed for both novice and experienced card players. Players can choose from 10 powerful hero classes and customize their decks with servants, spells and weapons based on the unique fantasy of the Warcraft® universe. With a variety of game modes ranging from epic head-to-head duels to story-driven solo adventures, Hearthstone offers a vibrant and rewarding experience to play with

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Hearthstone ascends Year Gryphon


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