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Even with the latest graphics cards, games cannot always be displayed smoothly if high resolutions and maximum details are required. This is especially true when you turn on ray tracing. With DLSS (Deep Learning Supersampling), Nvidia offers a compromise based on artificial intelligence: Your own PC only calculates the content in low resolution and then scales it up.

However, you cannot use the upscaling technique in all cases, as the DLSS practical test shows. Nvidia only supports the technology with a few graphics cards. In addition, adjustments to the games are required.  The  same applies to other functions such as ray tracing that Nvidia now offers. Choosing the right graphics card and settings therefore requires a lot of patience. But we also want to talk about how AMD will react to the new functions and when the new graphics cards will be available in stores again in sufficient quantities.

Exactly the right topic for our heise + live format: We answer your questions about our specialist articles on the latest graphics cards from AMD and Nvidia at heise + and look forward to your experiences and suggestions.

This time there are Alexander Spier (@MutantHappy), Mark Mantel, Martin Fischer (@martin_fischer) and Patrick Bellmer (@p_bellmer) who have dealt with the technical aspects and are passionate PC gamers themselves.

You can ask your questions for the AMA directly in the chat during the live broadcast. We also take up questions from the forum when time allows. In order to maintain an overview, please put it here under the message in the forum.

Do you like the format and want more of it? Is the time right or would another be better? Feedback on our livestream is welcome under the video or here in the forum. We look forward to your opinion.


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