Helene Fischer & Florian Silbereisen: They are getting closer again


Sometimes it’s just a small spark – but it can quickly develop into a blazing fire … Two years after the official separation, Helene Fischer (36) and Florian Silbereisen (39) get really close again! And that’s what the fans have been waiting for.

Even when their love took a break, their close relationship deepened, as Flori emphasizes again and again: “As friends, we’ve grown even closer together!”

 The y talk to each other almost every day! And now Helene will probably see her Flori more often and it seems she now wants to move very close to him. Just a coincidence?

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A long time ago, the singer bought a property in Austria and now Helene is said to have found a new home just a few kilometers away. But what will become of your acrobat Thomas Seitel (36)? He is often seen on the construction site of their new building on Lake Ammersee. Does she even want to move in there?

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Sometimes it takes a little distance to learn to appreciate a past happiness. And with her new plans, Helene gives the fans a glimmer of hope that the dream couple will come closer again!

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